NXT Reportedly Suffers Another virus outbreak

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NXT Reportedly Suffers Another virus outbreak

NXT, the developmental brand of WWE has reportedly suffered another Covid-19 outbreak recently. Even though WWE is taking extra precautions to make sure nobody gets infected, many wrestlers reportedly still get infected. NXT is also a very important WWE brand at the moment, as NXT is directly competing against AEW Dynamite, which is All Elite Wrestling’s Weekly show.

Several months ago, NXT received a big boost when WWE sent some main roster stars to NXT. Finn Balor and Charlotte Flair are two superstars that are now part of NXT as full-time wrestlers. Even after all of this, AEW Dynamite usually beats NXT in ratings.

NXT holds its weekly show at the WWE Performance Center.

NXT Reportedly Suffers Another virus outbreak

According to Florida Reporter, Jon Alba the recent outbreak will have a serious effect on WWE’s creative plans.

It is also stated by Fightful that WWE Performance Center classes were cancelled ever since the outbreak began. In the same report, it was stated that the outbreak began a few weeks ago. According to Alba, NXT wrestlers and staff members are now comfortable with wearing masks.

The wrestlers are almost always required to wear masks during congregations. Wrestlers need to wear a mask when outside the ring, but are allowed to be without masks when performing in the ring and when at the gym. It was reported that many wrestlers are still testing positive for COVID-19 and are not allowed to perform if they do.

WWE Creative Team might also have a few issues as wrestlers that cannot perform need to be replaced by those that can. According to reports, an NXT Performance Center coach is apparently responsible for the spread of the virus in the NXT Performance Center.

NXT has also been given a lot of importance by WWE over the past several weeks. Despite all of this, WWE is not apparently going to cancel any of its shows really. This is not the first time WWE had a Covid-19 outbreak. WWE does not give out the names of people that tested positive.

WWE is one of the only wrestling promotions in the world that can operate and still get a decent number of views for its creative lines, one of which is NXT. Other wrestling promotions actually had to shut down and some nearly went out of business. All Elite Wrestling is also one of the only wrestling promotions that can operate normally without much problem.