Matt Riddle Talks About His Love for Wrestling

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Matt Riddle Talks About His Love for Wrestling

Many pro-wrestling fans around the world want to get into the ring and compete. Before becoming a performer, Matt Riddle was a fan. He has stated multiple times that he wanted to be a professional wrestler, and transitioned from MMA to professional wrestling to live his dream.

On the E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, Riddle talked to legendary WWE wrestlers Edge and Christian on his love for wrestling. He stated that he got into amateur wrestling as it was the closest thing to professional wrestling that he could have got at that time.

"Growing up, I was always a fan of [pro] wrestling, but I was also a fan of MMA and stuff. And I always wanted to wrestle, but, like, when you're a kid, how do you do pro wrestling? Granted, [Edge and Christian] know what it's like because [they have] done it, but for me, it seemed like the easiest way for me would be to get into amateur wrestling and go that route because it was a place I was allowed to go; I didn't have to pay anything extra; and I could wrestle a couple of hours a day on mats; and it was competitive.

It was like the closest thing I could get to pro wrestling." Riddle added, "it was definitely for pro wrestling at first."