*Spoiler* NXT TakeOver 31: A former champion makes her return

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*Spoiler* NXT TakeOver 31: A former champion makes her return

As reported several times in the weeks leading up to Sunday, 4th October's event: NXT TakeOver 31, WWE has aired some mysterious videos about a character whose identity is not yet known on their weekly NXT shows, with an elusive former NXT champion who complained about all the champions that have followed one another at the head of the WWE yellow roster since his departure from the Wednesday night show.

Apparently, initially, all the clues seemed to lead to Bo Dallas, with the same brother of Bray Wyatt who over the last few months had also posted online several photos relating to NXT, with his absence persisting since December, which he had done.

snapping in the minds of fans, the thought that WWE might organize something big with the former NXT Champion of the federation, but apparently, it did not.

NXT TakeOver 31: Ember Moon surprisingly returns to the NXT rings

While everyone was expecting Bo Dallas to return, WWE shocked all fans, bringing back not one but two of its best wrestlers from the company's third yellow roster, with Toni Storm and Ember Moon making their return after Io Shirai's victory in her titled match of the evening.

After the daring victory against Candice Lerae, in fact, to present herself with her big face on the screen of NXT TakeOver 31, the former NXT UK champion, Toni Storm, thought about it, with the girl who ensured how she returned to the yellow rings of the WWE to make a difference, as the time is always ready for her, with a clear challenge arrived against the Japanese wrestler who is a part of WWE's yellow roster.

When many were now convinced that Toni Storm was the mysterious former champion athlete who made her sensational return to the NXT rings, to present herself with a helmet and motorcycle, Ember Moon thought instead, who has so unmasked herself after a few videos aired in recent weeks, making fun of fans who were now convinced that Bo Dallas would return after months of absence.

The most sensational thing of the evening is that no one was waiting for his return, since several weeks ago, Ember herself had declared how the bad injury that had hit her, could have ended her career as a wrestler forever, but apparently fortunately, this was not the case and she has made her way back to NXT in the NXT TakeOver 31 PPV.