After Damian Priest's TakeOver 31 success, big plans set in store for the wrestler

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After Damian Priest's TakeOver 31 success, big plans set in store for the wrestler

As seen during NXT's latest TakeOver, TakeOver 31 on Sunday, 4th October, Damien Priest has managed to keep the title of North American champion firmly at his side since the attack of the former absolute champion of the yellow roster: Johnny Gargano.

In a victory that seemed anything but obvious, the big boy from NXT managed to make the match his own, managing to push himself higher and higher on the yellow roster of the company, with Johnny Wrestling giving a great hand to the champion, helping him to emerge in the match.

Apparently, in fact, there is said to have been a huge interest on the part of various members of the WWE management in making the character of Priest grow better, with the look and physique that apparently would be the right ones according to Vince McMahon, who would see many abilities of the secondary champion of his Wednesday night show.

Does WWE have big things in mind for Damian Priest?

According to what was revealed in one of the latest newsletters of the Wrestling Observer , through the voice of the now historian Dave Meltzer, there would have been many discussions within the WWE management for the role that Johnny Gargano should have in the match, between those who were in favor of the 'former NXT Champion and those who thought he should "give the job" to the reigning champion, which is what happened, in the end.

According to Meltzer, in fact: "They see Priest as someone with a lot of potential, and Gargano was a setup guy to get him there. The match was exactly what it was designed to be. Gargano made him look good and put him over in the end.

Priest has something. He’s got the voice and everything." Apparently, in the upper echelons of WWE, something about the characteristics of the North American champion of NXT would always trigger some spark in the minds of executives, with Vince McMahon and associates who may even have already come up with big plans for Damian Priest in view of this draft.

Damian Priest joined WWE in 2018 after having previously worked with Ring of Honor (ROH) where his ringname was Punishment Martinez, a play on his real name Luis Martinez and the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). The 38-year-old's ringname with the latter federation was Punisher Martinez.