*Spoiler* Johnny Gargano wins WWE NXT North American Title

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*Spoiler* Johnny Gargano wins WWE NXT North American Title

The recently concluded evening dedicated to the special episode of NXT, which took the name of the old WCW PPV: Halloween Havoc, began literally with a bang, with Johnny Gargano who in fact once again became the North American champion of NXT, for the second time in his career, against the now-former champion Damian Priest, who had won the title at TakeOver XXX last August.

After winning the title in a Ladder match for the reassignment of the belt vacated by the previous champion, Keith Lee, then moved to the main roster rings on the side of Monday Night Raw, Damian Priest had begun a long feud with Johnny Wrestling, with the husband of Candice LeRae, who had managed to get a match whose stipulation was yet to be determined thanks to the "wheel" of Halloween Havoc, who finally decided that the contest would be a No DQ falls count anywhere match.

Johnny Gargano is now a two-time WWE NXT North American Champion

After giving life to a really hard and difficult bet opener, the two fighters really gave everything they could to the contest, with Johnny Gargano who managed to win the match, pinning the former champion, taking advantage of a very bad blow suffered by Priest, fallen from the stage of the event.

Johnny Gargano, after hitting his opponent with a piece of stone from a tombstone, threw him off the stage built for the grotesque and gloomy event, with Priest unable to get up again after the fall, thus having to give in his title in the hands of Johnny Wrestling, who thus managed to bring at least one belt into his home, given the defeat of his wife in the match against Io Shirai, which arrived later in the evening.

This opens a new chapter in the category of the secondary champion of NXT, where a former absolute champion of the yellow roster will then go to defend the North American title from the assaults of his next challengers, first of all, the outgoing Damian Priest, who will surely have the desire for revenge now.

They wrestled all over the Capitol Wrestling Center. The finish was interesting as a mystery person dressed up as Scream hit Priest with a pipe before handing Gargano a tombstone to hit Priest with it that sent him flying off a stage and into a mini house.

This allowed Gargano to win the title. Priest won the title by winning the then-vacant title in a five-way ladder match at TakeOver XXX last month. In fact, Gargano also took part in the contest and it came down to him and Priest.