Izzy On Preferring Bayley over Sasha Banks

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Izzy On Preferring Bayley over Sasha Banks

Izzy is a popular YouTube star and she spoke about why she prefers Bayley over Sasha Banks as the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Izzy is also a very big fan of the NXT brand. She admires the people that work at NXT and rises to the top after they are called to the main roster.

Izzy is a Bayley fan and has followed her since her NXT days. On the Bump, she explained when she started following Bayley.

Izzy on Wanting Bayley to be Champion Again

"What got me into Bayley was how colorful and energetic she was," Izzy replied.

"She was really different from all the other women, and I found myself like that with other little girls. So, that's what drew me to her. "And NXT, it like, gave me that underground feeling that nobody really knew about.

It was like the new shiny toy that everybody wants to check out. So, that's what I love about NXT." Bayley recently lost her WWE Smackdown Women’s title belt at WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. That ended Izzy’s run with Bayley.

Izzy hopes that Bayley will be able to win the title from Sasha Banks someday. "I was really sad when she lost at Hell in a Cell because Sasha doesn't deserve that. This was the year of the 'Role Model,'" she stated with confidence.

"This was Bayley's year; she was killing it. And Sasha, she's just a jealous snake. Like, who likes that?" Izzy stated that she is not in good terms with Banks ever since Banks stole her hair bow nearly five years ago.

Even though Banks has apologized, Izzy still holds a grudge. "She did [apologize], actually, after the match," she noted. "She gave me a little fist bump and her giant bouquet of flowers. But, I still have a grudge against her.

You know, who steals a little kid's bow? That's not cool. It's terribly mean." She then spoke about her current favorite stars in WWE. "Some of my favorites right now are Shotzi Blackheart. She is like a rock concert in the ring," Izzy began with a big smile.

"Also, Tommaso Ciampa, you know, no one will survive when they're in the ring with him. He kills it every time he brings it. Undisputed Era - I love them. Also, he's kind of like on NXT, but it's Pat McAfee. I'm so excited that he finally returned."