Raquel Gonzalez on Working Hard at NXT

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Raquel Gonzalez on Working Hard at NXT

Raquel Gonzalez is a rising talent in NXT and she spoke about how hard she had to work to get to where she is now. Raquel made her debut in February. In October, she wrestled the popular Rhea Ripley. She didn’t win the match but stated that the match allowed her to show the fans how good she is and how far she has come.

"Well, going into it was really surreal because being here at the Performance Center on Wednesdays are always a stressful day for everyone. For that day, it felt calmer than usual," Raquel González noted in her interview on WWE's The Bump.

"I was very, very happy, and proud of myself for doing it because it was my first singles match, and being out there without Dakota [Kai], like you said, I'm pretty proud that I opened a lot of eyes and showed people that I've been here for four years, and I'm learning my craft, and honing who I am."

Raquel Gonzalez on her Hard Work at NXT

She then went on to praise Rhea and stated that she is extremely powerful. "It's rare when I get these types of matchups because I am the biggest girl here in NXT. And Rhea is one of the other biggest girls, as well.

She's not as tall as me, but that girl is strong," she complimented. "Coming into that match, I had to rewire my mindset because as much as I love throwing small people around, I knew that wasn't going to be the case with Rhea.

I think what we both did in there really opened up my eyes to hard-hitting matches. But our story is far from over." Since she is a second-generation superstar, she spoke about how her father inspired her to become a professional wrestler.

"So, I can remember the exact moment, but I can remember the feeling. But let me start at the beginning - it all started when my mom went into labor with me," she began. "So, I was a little bit late. The doctors told her to come into the hospital so they could induce the labor.

That same day, my dad actually had a tag match, and his tag partner was there at the hospital with us. He said, 'Look, Rick, you have time. We can go have our match and come back; you'll have time.' My mom, of course, was like, 'Yeah, yeah, just go ahead and go.

I'll be fine.' My mom was chilling because she was in no pain at all. Well, the funny thing is once my dad left, ta-da, I was born! I think that's the day I knew I caught the wrestling bug”. Finally, Raquel Gonzalez said, "Growing up, I traveled with my dad to his shows.

I was a daddy's girl from day one. I wanted to do what my dad did, be around and make him proud. So, wrestling was that thing that helped me accomplish all of those things."