*Spoiler* Karrion Kross return promo airs during NXT TakeOver

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*Spoiler* Karrion Kross return promo airs during NXT TakeOver

In the evening just ended, the last great event brought forward by the NXT roster was staged, with the WarGames that obviously dominated the homonymous event built by the WWE, which brings back to life the WarGames match of the deceased WCW, that made famous the great athletes of the past of the federation, such as Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes and many others.

In addition to the big matches with two rings enclosed in a huge cage, WWE also staged several other matches that NXT fans have been waiting for weeks, such as the showdown between Johnny Gargano, Leon Ruff and Damian Priest in the triple.

threat valid for the North American title or the Strap match between the scary Dexter Lumis and Cameron Grimes. However, in addition to the matches, there were also some surprises, such as the return of Austin Theory, who with his face covered by a Ghostface mask attacked Priest allowing Johnny Gargano to win the secondary title of NXT, or the airing of a video that foresees a huge return to the NXT rings soon.

Immediately after airing the Strap match between Dexter Lumis and Cameron Grimes, the NXT commentary team was preparing to present the next match of the evening, when a fairly cryptic message appeared on the arena, with two words that, however, made fans and insiders understand who it was.

After framing a huge clock and after hearing the words "tick-tock", obviously spoken by the voice of former NXT Champion Karrion Kross, there was no longer any doubt as to who could hide behind the initially mysterious message.

Recall that the former NXT Champion, has now been missing from the action in the ring for several weeks and that is from his title victory against Keith Lee, which had allowed the athlete to grab his very first title in the WWE yellow show ring, but then having to give up the title in the weekly episode of NXT immediately after the event, due to a shoulder injury, which now seems to be completely healed.

Karrion Kross still hasn't appeared on NXT television

No date was shown in the video in question, but Karrion Kross's return should apparently be just around the corner. "To quote him, 'Tick tock, any second.'

Yeah, he's there," he told FOX Sports', Ryan Satin. "He had one of those tricky injuries where you don't know, and that was the difficult process for us. The separation was to a degree of like questionable.

Does he get surgery, does he not get surgery? If he doesn't get the surgery, how does it heal? Does it heal better? Does it take longer? There were a lot of questions there. But, he is a machine and that's the one thing.

The moment that he was injured and the moment the assessments were done, he was like, 'Alright. Here's what I'm going to do.' "When I say left no stone unturned everything he could conceivably do to make himself better during that period of time, he was doing on a moment-by-moment basis.

Connecting with us at all times. Trying to work on every aspect of even the stuff he couldn't be doing," he added. "In-ring. Everything. Just all in and he's a sponge."