*Spoiler* Johnny Gargano becomes champion again

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*Spoiler* Johnny Gargano becomes champion again

On Sunday night, WWE staged its latest effort, with NXT TakeOver: WarGames IV thus ending up in the WWE archives along with all the other special events on the company's yellow roster, in this pandemic climate that doesn't allow again to the Stamford federation to be able to fill its halls with cheering and screaming audiences for the various victories or defeats that arrive each time during the evening's shows.

Even during this year's WarGames, there were obviously surprises, with several very interesting matches that the WWE had organized on the eve of the event, such as the huge WarGames match between the female sector of the roster, or the one between the 'Undisputed Era and Pat McAfee's team, who closed the evening with huge applause from the crowd in the arena.

In the triple threat valid for the male secondary title of NXT, however, where Johnny Gargano, the reigning champion Leon Ruff and Damian Priest battled each other, the wheel of the match won the three-way battle, with a sensational return to the scene of another important NXT athlete who heavily tipped the scales towards Johnny Wrestling.

The match in question, in fact, was contaminated by dozens of external interventions by several athletes with their faces covered by the famous "Ghostface" mask, with the last intervention by one of them who KO Damian Priest, with an iron club.

Johnny Gargano reclaims NXT North American Championship at WarGames

Obviously, after suffering the blow, Priest was no longer able to interrupt the pins of Johnny Gargano, who thus won the title that Leon Ruff had sensationally snatched from the hands of the former champion a few weeks ago, only thanks to the intervention of the same Priest.

Hiding under the Ghostface mask of the last speaker, in the end, it turned out to be Austin Theory, an athlete on the main roster who has recently returned to the NXT rings, who had been missing for a few weeks, which he thus revealed to the fan a twinning with Gargano, which will most likely lead to further news on the NXT rings from next week.

Ruff returned to the fray after a while and took offense to both men. Johnny Gargano and Ruff even had a short alliance to attack the bigger man in Priest. Towards the end of the match, when it seemed like Priest could become champion again, he got swarmed by a trio of Ghostfaces.

Priest then took out the Ghostfaces with a huge dive but was then attacked from behind soon after by another Ghostface with a lead pipe. That individual would later reveal himself to be Austin Theory. Johnny Gargano then dropped Ruff with the One Final Beat to secure the pinfall and become the champion.