*Spoiler* NXT saw the shocking return of Karrion Kross

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*Spoiler* NXT saw the shocking return of Karrion Kross

After seeing the video that aired in NXT's latest Takeover, in the WarGames, announcing to fans how it was only a matter of time before Karrion Kross could make his long-awaited return to the NXT scene, the highly anticipated moment finally came.

During the latest episode of NXT aired on Wednesday evening, in fact, the WWE tried in every way to fight the competition of the AEW who had already announced Sting's first speech on his television screens, going to stage some surprises of which fans probably couldn't know anything.

At the beginning of the episode, in fact, only Scarlett had arrived on the television screens of the yellow show of NXT, with a message to leave to the former North American Champion Damian Priest. Obviously, Priest did not remain silent and immediately threw his jab at Kross, calling him a coward for leaving the dirty work in the hands of the woman, waiting in his car in the parking lot of the Performance Center, as only cowards do.

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Later in the evening, NXT's new secondary champion Johnny Gargano, fresh winner of the North-American Championship at WarGames, came on the scene, thanks to the fundamental help of Austin Theory and Austin himself.

At a time when the new "heel family" was self-praising and self-applauding for the victory in TakeOver, obviously, to ruin the party Damian Priest entered the scene, who after the defeat suffered against Gargano at WarGames, he was absolutely convinced to take his revenge after also taking a sound blow from Theory.

What Priest didn't expect, however, was Karrion Kross's lightning-fast return to the scene, with the former NXT Champion so surprising everyone, going to attack the former North American NXT champion and throwing him at a table adjacent to the ramp.

entrance to the ring of the Capitol Wrestling Center. Apparently, after the feud he had with Gargano, Damian Priest has already found his new big opponent for future WWE Wednesday night shows. Karrion Kross' music hit just as Balor hit the stage, and Scarlett Bordeaux, covered in spikes, stared down the champ.

Balor wouldn't let her say a word, saying "Let me guess. Tick Tock? Tell your boy that when he's ready, I'm ready." However, Balor wasn't the only one throwing down the gauntlet. Damian Priest also challenged the former NXT Champion.

Backstage, Pete Dunne said he wasn't intimidated and was gunning for the NXT Champion. Before he could continue, he was attacked by the returning Killian Dain, the man that Dunne put on the shelf last month.