Latest on WWE NXT's next episode

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Latest on WWE NXT's next episode
Latest on WWE NXT's next episode (Provided by Wrestling World)

Now that NXT War Games has been permanently sidelined, WWE is ready to stage new rivalries and new matches that may delight fans around the world who are passionate about the product being broadcast on this federation roster.

In this regard, a new match has been announced for the next episode of WWE NXT which will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Capitol Wrestling Center, as has now been the case in recent months due to the health crisis taking place across the globe.

On Saturday, WWE announced that next Wednesday we will see a match between Pete Dunne and Kyle O'Reilly in a match whose winner will receive a title shot for the title held at the moment by Finn Balor in that of NXT: New Year's Evil, on January 6, 2021.

Latest on WWE NXT's next episode

The other matches will be announced in the coming weeks, and surely we could see another exciting show as regards the yellow brand of the federation, right after a very good War Games that we enjoyed, especially at some points of the evening.

Lots of meat in the fire at WWE NXT In the last episode of NXT we saw many surprises and many returns, as evidenced by our report that you can find here. The show next week, meanwhile, will also include the presence of Damien Priest who, after seeking a confrontation with Johnny Gargano, was attacked by Karrion Kross who, with a great return, immediately wanted to put the record straight, hinting that NXT must be his show.

What we will see is certainly a match with important potential and where the show could really reign supreme, making the match one of the most beautiful of the evening. The two athletes know how to behave in the ring and in their career they have been able to excite.

It seems like WWE NXT has already announced the main event for this Wednesday’s show on social media. Kyle O’Reilly will take on Pete Dunne to determine who will face Finn Balor for the NXT Championship at New Year’s Evil.

O’Reilly has already given Balor one of the best matches of his NXT career at TakeOver 31. Dunne, on the other hand, is looking to face The Prince for the first time and to win the NXT Championship. Both men had a face-off with Balor last week, and while Damian Priest was involved in the mix too, he was taken out by Karrion Kross.

Kross could possibly interfere during the #1 contender's match this week, but WWE could hold off that angle for later. Instead, McAfee could return during this week’s show and attack O’Reilly to help The Bruiserweight win the match.

A man in a mask had helped Dunne defeat O’Reilly in a ladder match before WarGames, and we could watch something similar happen this week.

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