Raquel Gonzalez on Learning From Beth Phoenix

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Raquel Gonzalez on Learning From Beth Phoenix

Raquel Gonzalez is a rising NXT Talent and she recently spoke about learning from WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix. Beth was one of the most dominating female wrestlers that the WWE has ever produced. However, she belonged to an era where females were not taken as seriously as they are now in wrestling.

Raquel spent nearly 4 years at the WWE Performance Center. All her hard works seem to be paying off now as she was involved in some seriously physical matches over the past few weeks.

Raquel Gonzalez on Receiving Advice From Beth Phoenix

"Something I've been keeping with since June and has made me very good coming into these matches and coming out of them.

That is sticking to a strict lifting schedule," she said. "Sticking to a very strict diet. Something that is keeping my energy up, but is not making me feel like I'm lagging. Eating a lot of clean foods, hydrating regularly so that I'm not cramping up.

I love to eat pickles because pickles are good for the cramps and are salty electrolytes, which can help after a match. "I'm also regularly going to a recovery room, even here at the PC and rolling out, stretching, getting into an infrared sauna.

Going in having someone help me stretch and do these massages because it's so physical on the body. Things are going to hurt, but that is part of it. That's okay. It's about stretching it out and moving on to the next thing.

I'm so lucky my apartment has a jacuzzi because the jacuzzi has really been helping me out too." She then spoke about Beth helping her before her Mae Young Classic Appearance. Raquel is a big woman and she clearly stated that Beth was the right person to mentor her.

"She was here speaking to all of us. She was telling us to always go out there and own it and be who we are," Raquel Gonzalez said. "She always gave me positive words of affirmation of when it came to my lifting and me changing my body and becoming something else.

To know she sees that in me with the little time she has seen me really helped me build my confidence and boost how I feel about myself. Hearing her story too and what she was going through wrestling for Raw and SmackDown. It really resonates with me and makes me feel good to know someone has been through that and has made it. That reassures me that I too can make it to that point and that level Beth Phoenix reached."