*Spoiler* Mercedes Martinez made her surprise return to WWE NXT

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*Spoiler* Mercedes Martinez made her surprise return to WWE NXT
*Spoiler* Mercedes Martinez made her surprise return to WWE NXT (Provided by Wrestling World)

In recent weeks, Retribution has had to do without Retaliation, one of the two female members of the team, who responds to the name of Mercedes Martinez, an athlete also seen at NXT before her move to the main roster, which only took place after the outbreak of the global pandemic.

The girl, in fact, had to abandon her life on the road with the main roster due to a new outbreak inside the WWE Performance Center, with the athlete suffering from asthma and who has an immunosuppressed son, who would have brought very serious problems in his home, if both of them got sick.

From one day to the next, therefore, Mercedes disappeared at her own request from the plans of the Retribution tram, with the boys led by Mustafa Ali who went on to the bitter end, as if Retaliation had never been part of the team.

Mercedes Martinez made her surprise return to WWE NXT

In the last episode of the yellow show broadcast by WWE from the CWC of Orlando, Io Shirai was engaged in a segment that saw her face her current arch-enemy, Toni Storm, with the Japanese who literally sat in the center of the ring, waiting for her enemy to appear, to have a face-to-face confrontation with her.

To appear behind the Japanese, however, was not Toni Storm, nor any other heel component of the NXT roster who was already in a feud with the Shirai. To appear behind Io, it was instead Mercedes Martinez, who thus made her surprising return to NXT, going to attack the champion of the yellow roster in a subtle and brutal way.

After being taken by surprise behind, Io Shirai was later thrown here and the former Retribution member, with Mercedes Martinez, now having abandoned all plans related to the Monday Night Raw stable and with a future in NXT that seems already written, is involved in a feud against the absolute champion of the yellow roster that is now inevitable.

Storm felt like the next logical opponent in line for Shirai, but the return of Martinez is very much a welcome surprise. She has seemingly cut her way to the front of the line to be the next woman to get a title shot at the NXT Women's Championship.

With the direction RETRIBUTION has taken on television in recent weeks, you can't help but feel happy for Martinez, who was smart enough to find her way out of the stable before it completely went off the rails. With that chapter of her career now behind her, the next chapter in her career with NXT can be written. As of this writing Shirai, does not have an opponent for NXT NeYear's Evil on January 6.

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