Konnor On Forming a Stable with a Legendary WWE Tag Team

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Konnor On Forming a Stable with a Legendary WWE Tag Team

Konnor is a former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion and he recently spoke about wanting to form a stable with one of WWE’s legendary tag teams. Konnor is now known as Big Kon and he was on Wrestling Inc. recently. He stated that he wanted to form a stable with the Headbangers at one time.

He will be fighting The Headbangers on the 19th of February for the Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling tag team title. He spoke about his personal history with The Headbangers as well as pitching to the WWE writers to form a stable with them.

Konnor on Wanting to Form a Tag Team with The Headbangers

“It’s really cool too because I’ve known Chaz (Mosh) since 2003,” Big Kon said. “So we have some history, and of course, back in 2017, they came in.

We actually tried to pitch a faction with them because we were unsure if they were going to be with us at the time or not. I love both of those guys. They’re really tight with my family. “For me, it was a no-brainer, and so I was kind of like, ‘Man, we should try to talk to the writers and pitch angle where it could be some mosh pit or something like that.’ Sometimes if it makes sense, it just doesn’t make sense to them.

So it’s going to be exciting. When I heard that this match at ARW was going to happen, I was stoked, man. I was like, ‘This is going to be awesome.' ” The Headbangers appeared on WWE in 2016 and have made a few WWE appearances since then.

Kon starters speaking about The Ascension and The Headbangers faction. “I started back in 2000. So for me, I was a sponge around him, and I would try to learn as much as I could,” Konnor recalled. “And we were on shows regularly down in south Florida.

You just build an organic relationship. So eventually what ended up happening, of course, I got hired in 2005, and I hadn’t seen him since. And then all of a sudden in 2017, he comes rolling in with Glen (Thrasher), and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, it writes itself.

It’s so good. How could you not want to do something with this?’ So we had pitched an idea to where we built a faction with them, and I told them that later on, of course, at ARW actually. I just thought it writes itself.

It’s cool, and as I said earlier, I’m tight with them. And I love those two. So for me, it was like why wouldn’t I want to work with them? But nothing came of it and it’s kind of one of those things where if it makes sense, maybe it’s just doesn’t make sense”.