Triple H reacts to awkward table botch at NXT TakeOver

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Triple H reacts to awkward table botch at NXT TakeOver

NXT TakeOver Vengeance was officially handed over to the archives and, in addition to the shock break of The Undisputed Era, the event gave fans the official WWE debut of LA Knight, better known in Impact Wrestling and in NWA as Eli Drake.

A superstar particularly appreciated for his great skills on the microphone, which many defined as a mix between The Rock and Stone Cold of the early days during the Attitude Era. Apparently, Triple H was also a big fan of him and that's why he decided to hire him to be part of the yellow show.

Here is what he said on a conference call following the show: "I never set limits on the superstars that come to us. The moment they walk in that door, I value everyone for what they show and I always hope that sooner or later they can reach potential.

The same thing can happen with LA Knight, I followed his every move before he even landed in WWE and have always been a fan of his. I tried several times to hire him, but in the past there were several reasons, on our part and on his side, that didn't allow us to find an agreement.

But then again, I've followed his entire path outside of WWE and have always appreciated his skills on the microphone and his work in general."

Triple H praises WWE Superstars for managing to carry on despite botch

Triple H added: "Now the time was right for him to come to WWE, there were several phone calls and the interest was mutual.

It was a very simple process. His wish for him was to be in a place where he could have had the biggest stage in the world and we can give it to him here at NXT. He will have no limits, so I'm curious to see what he will do."

The former Impact Wrestling champion wasn't WWE's only big purchase recently. Taya Valkyrie, former women's champion, has also signed a contract and will enrich the division of the yellow show. Triple H had a lot to say about the botch during the women’s match at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day.

It caused a slight pause in the match, as during the bout, a table collapsed prematurely - something that Triple H was not happy about. The match between the women for the NXT Women’s Championship saw a botch, as when the announcer’s table was being cleared or a slam, things went wrong, and the table collapsed prematurely.

The botch was obvious to everyone who saw it. However, the women didn’t pause there and all three of them were able to move on. However, for Triple H, he felt terrible the moment it happened. It took away from the rest of the match, which was one of the best on the card.