WWE has already made title belts for new NXT show

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WWE has already made title belts for new NXT show

In recent weeks there has been much talk of an upcoming novelty that will also arrive in the rings of the third WWE roster, the one dedicated to the Wednesday night show, which competes week after week with AEW's Dynamite, NXT.

The McMahon-owned company yellow show apparently would have such a large roster that all the athletes hired by the Stamford-based company would struggle to find space for even one angle in the two-hour Wednesday night show, with the federation having so I began to hypothesize to be able to create a second show dedicated entirely to his NXT, named NXT Evolve.

The news had been in the air for days, but apparently now the thing would be more and more serious and closer to official, with WWE having already recorded a lot of material in the Performance Center in Orlando and with several other details that would be ready.

for the launch of the NXT program.

WWE has a ton of talented people in NXT

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the well-known overseas site Fightful, WWE would have already prepared the belts for the champions of the new NXT Evolve, with the graphics to be broadcast during the various passages of the show that would have been almost completed by the everything, instead.

Obviously, this news could always change from one day to the next, which has happened very often inside the WWE backstage for years, but hopefully, it is only a matter of weeks or months, before WWE gives the off in an official way to this new birth of yet another show in its schedule, with the journalists of Fightful, who report in fact: "There would be the graphics ready and also the titles prepared for this new brand, even if everything can change."

With WWE's new partnership with the Peacock platform, it seems the McMahon family wants to expand their already large number of weekly shows even further, with Road to Wrestlemania being the perfect time to communicate that announcement to WWE Universe fans.

and to all the insiders. According to the report, content has been filmed for the upcoming second NXT show. The host for the content that was Josiah Williams, who has been involved with NXT for quite some time. Williams is known for his popular "Wrestle and Flow" videos, where he raps over famous WWE and NXT entrance themes.

The star rapped the Undisputed ERA's Adam Cole down to the ring at NXT TakeOver: XXV. He most recently provided the music for Cameron Grimes' latest promo video. Williams also opened NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day with a Valentine's rap.