Kyle O'Reilly suffers medical emergency

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Kyle O'Reilly suffers medical emergency

NXT TakeOver Vengeance closed with the shocking break-up of the Undisputed Era, a stable headed by Adam Cole and which for years had been good and bad weather within the yellow show. The "break up" of the stable had been rumored for some time, but few expected that its founder would be the one to mark the end.

The turn heel of the former NXT Champion further solidified in last night's episode, where he hit Kyle O'Reilly with a violent brainbuster on the steel steps, leaving him unconscious to the mat. Triple H and the medical staff from the yellow show promptly went to check on his condition and at first it looked like the wrestler was having a seizure, only to be rushed to the hospital on a stretcher.

A truly surreal situation that made the rounds of social media in a short time, leaving all his fans and colleagues of the show apprehensive.

Kyle O'Reilly cuts straight to the point on NXT

Fortunately, the latest updates on his status are very positive and encouraging.

According to what WrestlingInc reported, later supported by other sources, Kyle O'Reilly was simply "selling" the segment to make it as real as possible and did not report any physical problems. Many have seen him wandering around the backstage quietly.

It is not the first time that poor Kyle has been involved in such situations. In fact, on the occasion of TakeOver 31, which took place last October, the former member of the Undisputed Era had reported several problems to his face, including the fracture of some teeth, following a very stiff match with Finn Balor.

The conditions were real then, but luckily he was able to walk on his legs. We will therefore see how the relationships between former friends evolve in the future of NXT and if we can get to a bloody match that sanctions the end of the rivalry.

Many are also hoping that Kyle O'Reilly will become NXT Champion, a goal he has been pursuing for some time. O'Reilly called for Adam Cole once again, only for the NXT Champion to make his presence known. Finn Balor said he had some business to talk with O'Reilly, blaming him for getting his teeth kicked down his throat.

Strong tried to defend his friend, and as he and The Prince began to get into a heated war of words, all three men were blindsided by Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch. Dunne and the NXT Tag Team Champions left them laying as we cut to footage of William Regal.

The NXT GM revealed footage of Santos Escobar stating that he was going home, and refused to face Karrion Kross tonight.