Backstage news on the Kyle O'Reilly storyline from WWE NXT

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Backstage news on the Kyle O'Reilly storyline from WWE NXT

During the episode of NXT that aired just over a day ago, WWE sent out a fairly tough segment, which saw former NXT absolute champion, Adam Cole, go to attack the now former teammate, Kyle O'Reilly, giving him a suplex on the steel steps at the entrance to the ring, with his transport to the nearest emergency room which would be nothing more than the natural conclusion of the angle predetermined by the management of NXT.

Apparently, in fact, the injury is said to have been an integral part of the segment and among the fans there was initially some bewilderment, due to some jokers who reported wrong as well as misleading news online. According to someone, in fact, Kyle O'Reilly would have suffered a real attack of convulsions, which would have even seen a Triple H very worried about the situation, who would have gone to verify the conditions of his athlete, but all this would be only an outright exaggeration of a fan.

Kyle O'Reilly did not suffer a seizure on WWE NXT

Immediately after the online emergence of the news that Kyle O'Reilly was in the throes of a seizure attack, the entire roster of NXT in fact fell into panic, given the athlete's health situation not exactly optimal, given that Kyle suffers from a form of diabetes since he was a child, which has frightened even his colleagues, despite the news had no basis.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known Fightful site, in fact: "Considering O'Reilly's history with diabetes, this caused quite a bit of bewilderment across the NXT roster, where no one was sure if it was real or not."

Many times, even within the same backstage of a show, not all the insiders are informed of what has to go on stage and above all of the ways in which this angle has to go on stage. In the latest episode of NXT, therefore, when Kyle O'Reilly was carried away on a stretcher and the online news of the nasty seizure attack emerged, many of the athlete's colleagues worried about him, believing him seriously at risk, with the the boy's phone that will surely ring a hundred times to reassure colleagues and friends about his state of health.

Once again, the world of web wrestling does more harm than good, with fake news taking over this world as well. WWE sources who spoke to Fightful were clear that this was in no way meant to be a "seizure storyline", and it was simply a case of one fan creating panic by overspeculating on social media.

Thankfully, WWE took action quickly to get the word out that this scene was only a storyline and that O'Reilly was okay. O'Reilly also tweeted out his own statement this afternoon, and he thanked the WWE Universe for their support. He stated that he'll be back after he takes some time to heal from Cole's assault.