WALTER is now the longest-reigning WWE NXT UK champion

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WALTER is now the longest-reigning WWE NXT UK champion

The history of WWE is made up of records, streaks, unbeaten streaks and sensational events, which have ensured that the company's golden books have been literally filled with news, firsts and surprising results that fans will remember for life.

as unique events, which only on the WWE rings have been able to take place, creating the fame that the Stamford-based company has helped to build up with decades of history. Among the many unattainable records that the McMahon family counts in its golden books, the Undertaker streak certainly emerges, who brought his score of victories at Wrestlemania to as many as 21 won matches, before losing his first match or the reign of world champion by Bruno Sammartino, who reached 7 years and beyond, before suffering his first defeat.

Among the many faces that enter the WWE Guinness book by right, there is now also WALTER, the absolute champion of NXT UK for over a year, who has surpassed his predecessor, Pete Dunne, becoming the longest-lived champion of the European side of NXT of the history of the brand and of WWE itself.

Recently, WALTER, whose real name is Walter Hahn, and who's a native of Austria, has in fact become the longest-running champion in the history of NXT UK, the European version of the WWE yellow roster, with his reign that has, in fact, exceeded the 686 days, a former record held by Pete Dunne, who is now an overseas NXT fighter.

WALTER's WWE career so far

The previous record, of NXT UK champion, held by the former tag team mate of Matt Riddle, had in fact stopped on April 5, 2019 at "only" 685 days, with WALTER coming to overtake his colleague at NXT TakeOver: New York, winning his first WWE ring title.

Now, WALTER enters the McMahon company's gold rolls by right, with the overseas roster that was however heavily penalized by the covid, as it was blocked for some time due to international constraints, which prevented the protagonists of the show from take part in NXT UK TV shows.

Once he made the switch to NXT "America", Pete Dunne did nothing but feud with some of his American colleagues, without winning anything important, apart from a couple title with Matt Riddle, with whom he also won the tournament dedicated to Dusty Rhodes.

The Ring General had a meteoric rise within the company, winning the WWE NXT UK Championship three months after joining the roster. He won the title at NXT TakeOver New York back in April of 2019. Since then, WALTER has defended his title on eight different occasions, coming out on top in every single one of them.

He is also the leader of NXT UK's most dominant faction, Imperium, a group that includes the likes of Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. WALTER is clearly one of the top Superstars on WWE UK's roster and is capable of being a huge piece in any of WWE's main roster brands, be it RAW or SmackDown. Perhaps we will see The Ring General take control of one of the two sometime soon.