John Morrison on Taya Valkyrie Joining WWE

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John Morrison on Taya Valkyrie Joining WWE

Taya Valkyrie is the wife of superstar John Morrison and she recently joined WWE. Taya was a very famous indie wrestler before she joined WWE and made a few headlines in wrestling news. She has fought some of the best wrestlers on the indie circuit before she joined WWE.

WWE held its largest Performance Center Class recently. It involved 10 female recruits and 8 male recruits. Taya was included in the female recruits. That signaled to the entire world that she is now part of WWE, after spending so many years wrestling outside of the famous company.

Taya made it quite clear that WWE has signed her when she posted on her social media account:

Taya Valkyrie on Joining WWE NXT

“It’s official. La WERA LOCA has arrived to @WWENXT!!! This is a dream come true for me….now the work begins [folded hands emoji] @WWE,” she wrote.

She then made a lengthy post on her Twitter account in which she tagged Triple H and John Morrison. “For those that have been on this decade long journey with me, you know how badly I have wanted this,” she wrote.

“I’ve sacrificed and dedicated my life to this. Moved across continents, learned languages, immersed myself in new styles, cultures and experiences with the over all goal of making it one day to the @wwe. I have worked my butt off and today my dream has come true.

I promise to work harder than I ever have, to show the world who I am as a performer and human being. I love my life and take absolutely nothing for granted. I’m hungrier than I have ever been and now the work begins. Thank you to all those that have supported me, and to those that don’t like me…welp, too bad [shrugs emoji] I know my worth, my talent and I will always strive to be better.

Now buckle up because this is going to get interesting. LETS GET TO WORK!!” Even though Taya Valkyrie is going to wrestle for WWE NXT most likely in the future, we do not really know when this will happen. Usually, stars have to spend months in the WWE Performance Center before they are allowed to wrestle on WWE TV.

Taya may end up being a permanent member of the roster one day as WWE as she is quite experienced and has the skills required to put up a great show.