Adam Cole attacks Undisputed Era member on NXT

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Adam Cole attacks Undisputed Era member on NXT
Adam Cole attacks Undisputed Era member on NXT (Provided by Wrestling World)

Over the past few weeks, NXT has held the situation within the Undisputed Era, with a high-spirited Adam Cole who had gone to attack in the last few appearances of the WWE yellow roster, both NXT Champion Finn Balor, and his teammate.

team, Kyle O'Reilly. Even in the last episode of NXT aired in the night, Adam Cole was the absolute protagonist of the show, coming out for the first time with a microphone in his hand, to try to explain the situation that led him to attack his own from the inside.

stable in the latest NXT TakeOver. Immediately after stepping out into the ring, Cole began explaining why O'Reilly's actions had bothered him enough to attack him, with Roderick Strong preferring to reach out to his partner, trying to make him see reason.

Adam Cole attacks Undisputed Era member

To join the last two remaining members of the stable of the Undisputed Era (even O'Reilly was absent due to injury) then came the NXT Champion, Finn Balor, who tried to take revenge on the attack suffered by Adam Cole a few weeks ago, with Roderick Strong who, however, saved Cole from Balor's attack, allowing the former NXT Champion to hit the Irishman with his Superkick, knocking him down.

Eventually, to make his friend think, Roderick Strong also hit Cole, with the two remaining several seconds on their knees on the ground talking. After expressing the words, "You are my brother, I love you", Roderick Strong, however, suffered a very painful low-blow at the hands of Adam Cole, who snatched from his neck the chain that all the members of the Undisputed Era had.

thus marking the end of the team that made recent WWE history. With Bobby Fish and O'Reilly out injured, it looks like WWE will now carry on a feud between the two remaining former Undisputed Era members, with the possible inclusion of NXT Champion always around the corner.

In any case, this concludes the story of one of the most admired and loved by the WWE NXT stable. In the earlier days of NXT, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe worked side-by-side in Sanity. The group even held the NXT Tag Team Titles together.

Wolfe met Dain as he was carrying Drake Maverick around, asking what happened to the former monster of SaNitY. Karrion Kross attacked Legado Del Fantasma before the match began, which allowed Santos Escobar to attack him from behind.

Kross chased Escobar into a truck, where the door was slammed onto Kross' arm. Kross easily shook it off but was attacked by Legado Del Fantasma.

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