New NXT UK Tag Champs crowned

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New NXT UK Tag Champs crowned
New NXT UK Tag Champs crowned

Although there hasn't been much talk lately of NXT UK, the European part of the WWE development sector, which according to the management is a real third roster of the company, the European boys of WWE continue to hold the weekly shows, after having seen their calendar restart, after more than six months of forced stop due to the covid, which had had to block all types of shows and recording due to the restrictions due to the pandemic.

Every Thursday, for a few weeks now, NXT UK has brought back its main show, with several titles that belong to their owners, who have now passed some truly impressive reigns, as regards the number of days, such as the reign of WALTER, who also surpassed the previous record, which was of Pete Dunne, in recent days.

The NXT UK Women's Championship will soon be on the line

In the last episode of the British show, the now historic couple champions of the overseas yellow brand, or the Gallus stable, was dethroned after more than a year of reign.

Former champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, in fact, had won their first titles on October 4th 2019 (although the show only aired on the 17th of the same month) and after more than 500 days from NXT UK Tag Team Champions, they had to give the belts to the couple formed by Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker, nicknamed Pretty Deadly.

Obviously, needless to say, currently the longest reign in the history of NXT UK duo titles remains firm with the names of the Gallus written above, which after this historical reign have seen their belts take off overnight.

It will now be necessary to see how stable WALTER will remain at the head of the English roster of NXT, after an incredible reign record of over 690 days, with the Austrian champion who also saw the logo change on his belt in this period, several months ago and who continues to remain firm in the position of leader of the locker room and absolute champion of the WWE overseas roster.

If this continues, the next big step for him will be celebrating two years as a champion. The following week, a press conference was held with the two women. discussing the upcoming title match, with Kay Lee Ray dubbing Satomura "the best".

So far, Kay Lee Ray is the longest-reigning NXT UK Women's Champion. The star won the title from Toni Storm at NXT TakeOver: Cardiff, and her reign currently stands at 544 days. Before this, Toni Storm held the title for 230 days, after defeating inaugural champion Rhea Ripley, who is now headed to RAW following her great showing in the 2021 Royal Rumble, in which she was the runner-up.


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