NXT set to move to Tuesday nights in April

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NXT set to move to Tuesday nights in April

The passage of WWE NXT from Wednesday to Tuesday evening has not yet been announced, which has been talked about a lot in recent days. And that it is not yet official, but the clear impression of the American insiders is that it is about to become one.

Bryan Alvarez stated on 'Wrestling Observer Live' that the move is considered practically already acquired within USA Network, the broadcaster that broadcasts both Raw and NXT live on American soil. Alvarez, a long-time collaborator of Dave Meltzer, guaranteed that "internally, those who work within the network now consider it a done deal"

Paul Davis of 'WrestlingNews.co' also dealt with the affair, claiming to have heard of communications from advertisers. The latter would be told that if they want to buy ad space to air during the 2-hour NXT block, they would have to buy ads for Tuesdays and not Wednesday nights starting April 13, which is the Tuesday after WrestleMania.

Will NXT moving to Tuesday's force IMPACT Wrestling to a new night?

WrestlingNews.co also explains that this move is happening due to NHL programming moving to USA Network later this year as NBCUniversal prepares to shut down NBC Sports Network.

NHL will have priority for USA Network, as it generates more revenue than WWE's yellow and black brand. Even if the television ratings were the same as those obtained by NXT, in fact, NHL programming is able to bring more profitable sponsors.

NXT's move to Tuesday is not a total surprise and was widely expected when news of NBCSN closing later this year was released in January. The news of the transfer of NXT to Tuesday could, however, greatly benefit not only the WWE but also the television success of AEW Dynamite, which from April may in fact no longer have to worry about the competition with the WWE in what fans have called the 'Wednesday.

Night War.' If this rumor becomes a reality, it will be interesting to see what IMPACT Wrestling will do going forward. It's hard to imagine that they will want to compete head-to-head with NXT on Tuesday nights. Because Anthem owns AXS TV and IMPACT Wrestling, it shouldn't be challenging to move IMPACT to Thursday nights to avoid dealing with the black and gold brand.

This move will cause ripple effects throughout the wrestling world, and it is unknown how big of an impact it will have in the months ahead. No pun intended. What are your thoughts on WWE NXT potentially moving to Tuesdays following WrestleMania? Do you think this will force IMPACT to move to Thursdays? Let us know in the comments section below.