Ember Moon makes history on WWE NXT

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Ember Moon makes history on WWE NXT

In the latest installment of NXT that aired on USA Network, William Regal made two very decisive announcements for the history of NXT. If the first, despite the importance, has not really passed into the history of the yellow roster, or the next special event of NXT: TakeOver Stand & Deliver, which will be broadcast on two different evenings, one broadcast by USA Network and one instead by Peacock TV, the second was much more important and concerned the NXT women's tag team category, which now has its own two custom belts.

After last week's clash between WWE tag team champions, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax with Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez, William Regal has decided to announce the two new NXT titles, crowning the first champions in the history of the Stamford company, who were the two winners of the tournament dedicated to the missing Hall of Famer.

The thing fans didn't expect, however, was to see NXT's very first female tag team reign last even a full night, with Dakota and Raquel's first challengers being Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart, shortly after their coronation.

of the two heels. In fact, Ember Moon and Blackheart, who beat the first champions in this category on the night of the birth of the belts, had the upper hand in a match aired later in the evening. The victory of the titles for Ember Moon, in itself, is already a great surprise, given the dynamics of the victory, but it takes on even more important and historical connotations if we think that Ember Moon was the only athlete of the entire WWE to have won both the title of NXT absolute champion and that of the newborn tag team championship.

Ember Moon makes history on WWE NXT

Obviously, having just born the title, no other colleague could have already achieved the primacy of Ember, but for the moment, the athlete already seen on the main roster and then returned to the yellow show on Wednesday evening remains the only one to have had such an experience in his career.

We will see in the near future who will be the first to reach the same record as Ember Moon. According to a WrestlingNews.co report, Raquel Gonzalez is well-liked backstage. NXT officials are impressed with her overall development as a performer, and a title push seems a fitting reward.

The report also revealed that NXT announcers had been told to focus on Io Shirai's impressive championship streak. WWE will ideally play up Io Shirai's dominance as the champion during the program with Raquel Gonzalez, which could make the potential title change even more meaningful.

Gonzalez has been well-protected as a character since she made her NXT debut in February 2020. Her alliance with Dakota Kai furthered her progression as a WWE Superstar. Gonzalez's in-ring and microphone skills have improved tremendously, and the NXT management feels that the 30-year-old Superstar is ready for the next level.