Raquel Gonzalez has impressed NXT officials

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Raquel Gonzalez has impressed NXT officials

In the latest episode of NXT aired on USA Network last Wednesday, WWE has already laid the foundations for an upcoming feud that will be staged on the television screens of the company's yellow show and which will therefore see the absolute champion of NXT, Io Shirai, go to battle with the winner of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and the first holder of the newborn NXT Tag team Championship titles, Raquel Gonzalez.

After the very short reign that lasted not even one night, with Gonzalez and Dakota Kai who were in fact first crowned champions by William Regal, only to lose in a titled match against Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart, the reigning champion of the single title, Io Shirai, wanted to openly challenge the giant athlete of NXT, telling her that she will be next.

Raquel Gonzalez has impressed NXT officials

Apparently, according to what was reported during a live of the Wrestling Observer by Bryan Alvarez, the intent of the WWE could be to make the Japanese champion beat after months and months of reign, just by the mammoth Raquel Gonzalez, with the feud with the two faces of NXT which, once finished, thus frees the heel athlete who won the tournament dedicated to the missing Hall of Famer.

As reported in an update by Alvarez, in fact: "I don't know exactly who will win the title, also because plans can always and in any case change even at NXT. But I heard that the plans of a few months ago were those that Raquel was probably the one who would have beaten Io Shirai for the title."

Although there is no official information on this and although it is still early to talk about a generational change in NXT, it is very likely that the athlete who will replace the Japanese at the helm of the female category of NXT, is Gonzalez.

Especially since the athlete fits perfectly into the physical standards that the Chairman likes, that is a very tall stature and a fairly massive physique, elements that Gonzalez certainly does not lack. According to a WrestlingNews.co report, Raquel Gonzalez is well-liked backstage.

NXT officials are impressed with her overall development as a performer, and a title push seems a fitting reward. The report also revealed that NXT announcers had been told to focus on Io Shirai's impressive championship streak.

WWE will ideally play up Io Shirai's dominance as the champion during the program with Raquel Gonzalez, which could make the potential title change even more meaningful. Gonzalez has been well-protected as a character since she made her NXT debut in February 2020.

Her alliance with Dakota Kai furthered her progression as a WWE Superstar. Gonzalez's in-ring and microphone skills have improved tremendously, and the NXT management feels that the 30-year-old Superstar is ready for the next level.