New problems at NXT due to the pandemic

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New problems at NXT due to the pandemic

In recent months, even the WWE Superstars have had to face the problems related to the world pandemic on their skin, with several athletes of the McMahon family who have in fact experienced on their bodies the effects of the virus that caused the global pandemic, after numerous false alarms.

on possible infections then always negative results. In recent weeks, in fact, the former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre had also tested positive for covid, fortunately without any symptoms and had to stay at home for the two weeks of quarantine, which however did not prevent him from beating Bill Goldberg in that of the Royal Rumble.

After the McIntyre case, however, several of them have also arrived in WWE, such as Mia Yim and Keith Lee who were infected a few weeks ago and with a huge outbreak now arriving at NXT that is putting the entire crew of the Stamford-based Federation.

Recently, several reliable sources online have confirmed that an internal outbreak of coronavirus infected has broken out at NXT, with several athletes who would have tested positive for the molecular swab and with several other colleagues who instead would have been stopped by the WWE pending quarantine.

mandatory that is also made to those who have only made contact with the infected.

The first two-night NXT TakeOver is coming in April

According to what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer also confirmed, the number of staff blocked at the moment would be quite high and the next show dedicated to NXT would be so in danger, given that several important members of the yellow roster could not take part in the event, in a case similar to the episode of Smackdown returning from Saudi Arabia, where several wrestlers were stuck in Saudi soil for days.

In fact, to the microphones of his latest Newsletter, Meltzer claimed: "I don't honestly know the names of those who tested positive because they are kept secret, or who are in quarantine, but I know they will definitely have an effect on Wednesday's show."

Apparently, the number of people blocked by this outbreak would be so high that Meltzer is already certain that in the next installment of NXT there will be major defections, with a show to be invented that WWE will try to air as always.

at best, with what he has. The other announcement was that a few days before WrestleMania 37 weekend, there would be a two-day NXT TakeOver, dubbed Stand & Deliver. No matches for the show have been revealed so far, but this will be the first two-night NXT TakeOver.

Not much else is known about NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver so far, including a location and whether fans will be in attendance. More details are expected soon.