WWE announces big news at NXT

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WWE announces big news at NXT

In the last two episodes of NXT, in front of WWE third-roster world champion Finn Balor, a brand new challenger has stood in front of him who will surely be a tough nut to crack for the Irishman, Karrion Kross. After spending a while out of the picture to recover from the shoulder injury sustained in his titled match, which Kross had also won against Keith Lee and thus allowed him to reach his first title in the rings of McMahon's company, Karrion Kross had returned several weeks ago to show up on NXT's televisions, first engaging in a feud with Damian Priest and then another brief clash with the lightweight champion, Santos Escobar.

Apparently, now, Kross would have returned instead to set his sights on that belt that he had to make vacant due to his injury, shortly after winning it in the NXT rings, with Finn Balor taking over from the gigantic former champion, who now return to claim what was his.

WWE announces big news at NXT

In the last episode of the yellow show that aired in the night, Finn Balor opened the episode with a promo, describing the situation and trying to make WWE Universe fans understand what it means to be a champion.

After only a few minutes, Karrion Kross came out of backstage and went face to face with the champion, with a challenge ready for him, which the Irishman could not help but accept. After hearing Kross say that fans want to see who between the two is the true champion of NXT, as he was unable to keep his belt due to the long shoulder injury, Finn Balor accepted the challenge, sanctioning the TakerOver main event: Stand & Deliver, which we remember will air next 7 and 8 April, in Wrestlemania Week which this year seems to be more full than ever.

After losing the NXT Women's Tag Team Titles last week, Dakota Kai needed a big win this week. It wouldn't be easy, as she was put against Zoey Stark, a Superstar that had been taking some of the top talents in NXT to the limit.

A series of arm drags took Dakota down for an armbar attempt. She managed to shift to her stomach but was trapped in the wrong position, allowing Stark to hit a nasty arm breaker. Still, Kai eventually turned things around, wrapping her long legs around Stark for some scissors.

Stark broke away and set up for a running clothesline in the corner. When we came back, the former NXT Women's Tag Team Champion had taken over once again. Stark ducked a pump kick, though, leading to a big crash in the middle of the ring. Kai eventually was able to hit that apron-assisted pump kick but was met with a nasty kick from Stark in response.