WWE NXT tag team champions might be forced to...

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WWE NXT tag team champions might be forced to...

As has often happened in recent years in WWE, several athletes after suffering an injury had to make vacant the belt they had perhaps just won, due to the fact that with this injury they could not be active champions in the federation rings.

You will surely remember when this bad luck happened to Karrion Kross, the new winner of the NXT Championship, in a match against Keith Lee, who in the next episode of NXT had to make the title vacant, due to a shoulder injury that did not allow him to fight in the rings of the WWE yellow show.

A similar case also happened to Finn Balor on the main roster, in the match valid for the assignment of the newborn WWE Universal Championship, when the Irishman also injured his shoulder and after winning his first world title on the main roster, he was forced to make it vacant in the immediately following episode of Monday Night Raw.

WWE NXT did not end the way they planned for the tag team main event

Apparently, in the last few hours, it would have emerged how Danny Burch, one of the two NXT duo champions, injured his shoulder in the last episode of the yellow show, with a severe limb separation, which could soon bring him under.

the irons for a surgical operation. According to reports from the well-known overseas website F4WOnline, the athlete's injury, just like that of Karrion Kross a few months ago, would be more important than expected and after the initial concern of the WWE management, it would finally be confirmed by tests.

carried out on the athlete's limb. In view of one of the most important TakeOver of the year, or the one that will air in Wrestlemania Week, Stand & Deliver, Danny Burch, therefore, remains out of the scene, with the WWE that could take measures as early as the next episode of the yellow show, to reassign the seat belts as soon as possible and not be caught unprepared.

Burch's injury, however, would have come during a suplex attempt of the two pair champions on Karrion Kross, with the massive wrestler who instead would have hit the opposing team with a double suplex, causing the shoulder injury involuntarily.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch were trying to suplex Karrion Kross, but he reversed it. Then Burch landed awkwardly on his shoulder, injuring him. This is a big blow to take for the NXT roster as they are losing a champion. There is no word yet about a timeframe for Burch’s return.

It is also unclear if the 39-year-old Superstar will require surgery. Karrion Kross also suffered a separated shoulder injury during his NXT Title win over Keith Lee. He was forced to relinquish his NXT Title the next week. It is unclear what steps NXT will now take with their tag team champions.