Road Dogg Released From Hospital After Suffering a Heart Attack

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Road Dogg Released From Hospital After Suffering a Heart Attack

Road Dogg is a WWE Hall of Famer and he recently got released from a hospital after he suffered a heart attack apparently. Road Dogg entered the WWE Hall of Fame with his D'Generation X buddies. Road Dogg was not a very popular member of DX, but he was definitely a memorable one.

After finishing his in-ring career, Road Dogg continued working backstage for WWE. He was a WWE producer for a really long time. These days, he is working backstage at NXT. However, over the weekend Road Dogg had to be rushed to a hospital.

His wife Tracy spoke about it on social media. He was returning from Orlando after working a few NXT TV tapings.

Road Dogg Released from The Hospital And Believe He is Fine Now

Tracy recently announced that Road Dogg was fine and his heart seems to be in good health.

Road Dogg then updated all of his fans on Facebook and thanked them for all the support that he got. He also admitted that he need to make certain changes to stay healthy so he doesn’t need to get hospitalized for the same issue again.

“To God be the glory, I live to tell the story! I’m headed home. I’ve got some work to do and some changes to make but I’m up to the task. I want to thank EACH and EVERY one of you for your thoughts and prayers and your kind words.

So many reached out with positive vibes and it overwhelmed me with love. Thank you all and God is good! Let the journey begin! #OUDK # GBU #LIVEARMSTRONG,” James wrote. Road Dogg’s real name is Brian James. Brian has played an important role backstage at NXT recently.

When Triple H was absent, Brain ran NXT with fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. Brain has also been a loyal WWE employee and has worked for WWE for a very long time. He did express interest in leaving WWE about a year ago when he did not like all of his ideas and scripts being discarded by Vince McMahon.

According to him, he started feeling that he lost his value at WWE as Vince McMahon would not use his ideas when he was working directly under him.