*Spoiler* NXT teases Taya Valkyrie's debut with a new name

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*Spoiler* NXT teases Taya Valkyrie's debut with a new name

As confirmed several weeks ago, WWE has hired more than 20 new athletes for NXT, including former football players, independent company wrestlers, models and athletes from various sports, who should soon begin to flesh out the show's roster.

yellow, which gradually loses some very important pieces, which instead move to the main roster, both on the side of Monday Night Raw and on the side of Friday Night Smackdown. As reported several times, among the great names that make up this new class of NXT hires, we also find the girlfriend of John Morrison, already known in the world of independents as Taya Valkyrie, who fought before her debut in WWE also on the important rings of Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground, like Morrison himself, Parker Boudreaux, considered by many to be a future "Brock Lesnar", given his massive physique and very stiff style or the son of historic wrestler Rick Steiner, Bronson Rechsteiner.

All of them, sooner or later, should in fact be presented to the NXT public, obviously as soon as they are ready to get on a professional ring like that of the WWE since many athletes before this adventure have never done this job in their life.

*Spoiler* NXT teases Taya Valkyrie's debut with a new name

Apparently, the first NXT ring debut would have already been decided by Triple H and associates, or that of John Morrison's girlfriend, the now ex Taya, who with a teaser video was partially presented tonight during the last episode of the yellow show of the company, with fans who are no longer in the skin.

Initially, it was only a long-haired dog that appeared which, in a few minutes immediately became very famous on social media, since the fans did not know who he was and above all what he was doing on the WWE TV screens. After a few minutes, however, the WWE broke the delay and went to show a video a little more explanatory, which however left the fans with great curiosity, since it presented one of its new athletes, without showing her face, as he did with Carmella for weeks, before her return.

However, there would be no doubts, on the fact that to answer the name of Franky, the wrestler who presented herself with very high stilettos, is the former Taya Valkyrie, to whom the WWE wanted to change the name of art, making it Franky.

The athlete should make his debut in the NXT rings on April 13th, as shown by the graphics, or in the very first episode of the yellow show immediately after Wrestlemania 37.