Why WWE stopped pushing NXT as a third roster

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Why WWE stopped pushing NXT as a third roster

In recent months, we have seen several efforts made by WWE to best present its third brand, NXT, with the Wednesday night war, which for over a year has been felt like a real personal battle by the Chairman of the federation, Vince McMahon.

For months, WWE has in fact proposed NXT as a real third roster of the company, complete with inclusion in the Survivor Series two years ago, like a third wheel between Raw and Smackdown, with the talents of the yellow show who have in fact also won.

most of the matches in which they were included. In addition to the great media coverage that the McMahons have tried to give to NXT, several great talents have also been momentarily transferred to the yellow show's rings, to try to build up a roster still quite unknown globally, with the inclusion of big names like those of Kevin Owens, Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch, who have all returned at least once to NXT to raise ratings and interest in fans.

Why WWE stopped pushing NXT as a third roster

In one of the latest Wrestling Observer newsletters, Dave Meltzer spent some time talking about NXT and how WWE abandoned the idea of ​​proposing it as a real third roster, on par with Raw and Smackdown, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: "At first, they made several attempts to make it a third brand, but two big things happened.

The first was the fact that they always kept losing ratings, even when they sent top stars off the main roster, they still kept losing. When they were winning with the crowd, a keynote was given with Becky Lynch, the biggest star there was at the time when she returned to NXT to challenge Rhea Ripley and they still lost in the head-to-head clash with Nick Jackson vs.

Rey Fenix, in the 18-49 demographic. The second was COVID and for a while, Vince McMahon wanted to keep all rosters separate, with the main roster talent not being allowed to go to NXT because there was the idea that there could be a dangerous and non-dangerous outbreak there.

he, therefore, wanted to risk major defections also in the other rosters (which is also the main reason that led to the closure of the Raw Underground concept)" Apparently, now WWE is said to have put an end to it, with NXT having been permanently moved to Tuesday, since after Wrestlemania and with all the plans of the yellow roster that is said to have returned completely in the hands of Triple H, for the happiness of WWE-development-roster athletes.