WWE had to change plans for WALTER NXT match

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WWE had to change plans for WALTER NXT match
WWE had to change plans for WALTER NXT match

In the first night dedicated to NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, WWE encountered numerous problems with the timing of the matches and the segments to be broadcast during the special of the yellow roster, with the main event between Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez, valid for the title of female champion of the roster, which has in fact been abundantly cut and compressed, compared to what were the original plans of the federation.

The problems we had on USA Network also came as a surprise, since usually, the yellow show is the one that ends with the most Swiss precision possible, being managed almost entirely by Triple H and not by Vince McMahon, with the timing of the matches that it is revised over and over again, without the drastic changes of ideas that instead involve the main roster, entrusted to the Chairman and Bruce Prichard.

WALTER and Tommaso Ciampa delivered in every way at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

WWE had to change plans for WALTER NXT match

Apparently, although NXT on USA Network is always quite accurate and regular, it would have had similar problems in recent weeks to those encountered in the main event of Stand & Deliver, with the management of the company having to cut widely another match that went in the scene in the episodes prior to TakeOver.

As revealed by Bryan Alvarez during one of his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletters, the match between WALTER and Drake Maverick aired on USA Network, which served to hype fans for Stand & Deliver's match against Tommaso Ciampa, was largely cut due to timing issues, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: "From what I was told, they should have gone much longer, but it was one of many situations in which they had to cut instead.

So, they went in that direction and with three moves, they went home. It wasn't supposed to be a 15-minute match. But I don't think that anyway, this was what should have gone on stage, nobody expected it, but this is what they ended up doing.

It did not meet my expectations. I was terribly disappointed." WALTER and Drake Maverick weren’t going to have an epic match, but they were supposed to have way more to do than three moves. It ended the way it did because of time restraints, but Maverick didn’t tap out as the referee called for a stoppage.

We could always see a door open for another match down the line. In return, WWE sent him a replica title that was signed by several stars. That was a pretty great trade. The video has received a ton of attention already and it seems legit. It’s good to hear a positive end to that awful story.

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