*Spoiler* Ted DiBiase made his debut on WWE NXT

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*Spoiler* Ted DiBiase made his debut on WWE NXT

In recent weeks the name of Ted DiBiase had been heard a lot in the rings and in the NXT promos, with the new character of Cameron Grimes, current athlete of the yellow show, who in fact brought him up more than once, even fearing a wealth larger than that of the WWE Hall of Famer, which has made its wealth its trademark.

It was now only a matter of time before it happened and in the last episode of NXT, Ted DiBiase made his return to the WWE schedules, going to appear in front of that Grimes who had made it clear that he did not want to have anything to dealing with him in the last episodes of the yellow show of the Stamford federation.

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase returns

As we had already reported on April 16, the same Ted DiBiase had revealed in one of his last interviews that he would return to the WWE rings, appearing on NXT televisions, after years of disappearing from WWE TV screens and so on.

has been. After revealing that Cameron Grimes was the designated victim of the Million Dollar Man, the Hall of Famer appeared tonight on the yellow show, in a segment where Grimes went shopping for expensive watches and what better way to get back on the scene.

a millionaire like Ted DiBiase except in a shop selling million-dollar watches? Just as Grimes was buying his big game, an outside arm comes into the frame, with an absolutely recognizable voice saying "That's a nice watch, but it's not a million-dollar watch."

Obviously, the shot then goes to film the WWE Hall of Famer, Ted DiBiase, who walks away laughing out loud, as he did for a life in the WWE rings, with Cameron Grimes quite bewildered and annoyed by the what, he can only stand by and watch.

Who knows what WWE will come up with for the two in the near future, given that the collaboration of the two characters will continue? It would be interesting to see if the WWE Hall Of Famer will be paying a visit to the Capitol Wrestling Center in the future.

Dibiase could show up to further interfere in the business of Grimes. What did you think of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase appearing on WWE NXT with Cameron Grimes tonight? Do you hope to see more from these two in the future?