*Spoiler* New teaser airs on WWE NXT

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*Spoiler* New teaser airs on WWE NXT

In the latest episode of NXT, WWE put a lot of meat into the fire, with even a historic Hall of Famer peeping in front of the federation cameras, after announcing it would, with "Million Dollar Man" Ted. DiBiase, who showed up in front of Cameron Grimes as the latter went shopping for expensive watches.

During the course of the NXT evening, in addition to the time for the disputes and the promos, there was also space for some skits broadcast by the WWE, which have already put a great hype towards the fans of the WWE Universe, seen that there is talk of an imminent debut in the rings of the yellow McMahon brand.

New teaser airs on WWE NXT

With simple 3D cartoons that showed the words "Diamond Mine", WWE wanted to start teasing the minds of fans about yet another new debut that will arrive in the next weeks of programming the third roster of the federation.

At the moment no other images or other news have been released regarding the athlete in question, but the media has already begun spinning its tales on the web with fans of the WWE Universe and the professionals who have started to make the most disparate hypotheses.

For many, the logo with diamonds and the reference to them should lead the WWE to present the famous Tessa Blanchard, former world champion of the heavyweight title of Impact Wrestling. The entrance and the ring attire of the former Impact champion, in fact, have very pronounced references to diamonds, with a possible clue that the WWE would have wanted to give to her fans, which does not seem to be even so veiled.

After her overall world title victory at Impact, the wrestler would end her relationship with the third company in the United States, becoming a free agent. For some months now, Tessa has not signed a contract with any of the most important companies globally, appearing only sporadically on some ring of the independents.

It will be necessary to see if the WWE convinced Tully Blanchard's daughter to sign for her company or if maybe some other athlete will appear in the NXT ring, in no time at all. During WWE NXT this week, they aired a teaser vignette for Diamond Mine.

They showed an emblem that said “Diamond Mine” in 3d before it rested into a standard logo. There was not much to it, but this got fans talking. Fans all over are hurling out guesses of what or who this could be. Tessa Blanchard’s name has been mentioned due to her association with diamonds in her entrances and ring gear. It’s anyone’s guess what this could mean. Stay tuned.