*Spoiler* An unfinished match opened WWE NXT

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*Spoiler* An unfinished match opened WWE NXT

The clash is definitely challenging for both with Kai trying to contain Martinez's arrogance, with the latter nevertheless managing to score a facebuster which is followed by an attempted pin. Kai struggled to react by scoring her running big boot under the spur of NXT Women 's Champion Raquel Gonzalez.

The two now have an exchange of blows won by Martinez who scores a series of butterfly suplex ending with a blow to her face with which she forces her opponent to take refuge outside the ring. Martinez and Gonzalez have a close exchange that leads the champion to lose control and hit the opponent of her friend, costing her the match.

Result: victory by the disqualification of Mercedes Martinez. Post-match we witness a brutal assault by Raquel Gonzalez against Martinez. Now is the time for the tag team category with the Grizzled Young Veterans who, microphone in hand, declare themselves to be the future of the duo category of the Oro Nero brand.

The two are joined by Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher.

An unfinished match opened WWE NXT

The former NXT Champion is keen to point out that their intention is also to dominate the tag team category and that it doesn't matter who he faces.

He then takes the floor to Timothy who merely remembers what happened during NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff in 2019 starting to sing the refrain “SHOES OFF! IF YOU HATE GIBSON." Ciampa then takes off a boot and sets off for the attack.

The four have sketched a fight which is however interrupted by the escape of the Grizzled Young Veterans. We are now offered a promo of Isaiah Scott with which he officially challenges what is now his nemesis, Leon Ruff, to a Falls Count Anywhere Match next Wednesday.

He now touches the pink share again. Before the meeting, however, we witness a promo of Toni Storm with which he foments her rivalry with Zoey Stark in view of her next TakeOver by saying that he will make her famous for losing against her.

SINGLE MATCH: Toni Storm vs Zayda Ramier; The clash has very little or nothing to say and sees the Storm dominate far and wide. Everything seems ready for the Storm Zero from the top of the stake, when none other than Zoey Stark is revealed at ringside.

Obviously, the Storm loses focus and ends up being knocked out by her opponent who then tries her hand at a splendid Shooting Star Press. The referee starts the count which surprisingly reaches 3.