*Spoiler* New chapter of the InDex saga on NXT

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*Spoiler* New chapter of the InDex saga on NXT

Let's now move on to another match that sees a rivalry continue that has been accompanying us for a long time. NXT SINGLE MATCH: Bronson Reed vs Austin Theory (with The Way); The dispute sees a Bronson Reed put poor Austin in serious difficulty thanks to his size and his excessive physical power with which he is able to collect a good dose of blows without too many problems.

When Bronson ends up at ringside, however, he is hit by Johnny Gargano, who manages to avoid being seen by the referee, only to be knocked down by Austin with a crossbody in addition to the third string. The contest moves back to the ring when Dexter Lumis emerges behind The Way, aiming like a lion at his prey which obviously is Indi Hartwell.

The component of The Way this time decides to reject Dexter's advances by taking refuge in the ring. Bronson manages to exploit the situation by throwing Theory against Dexter, in the meantime arrived on the apron, to then try his hand in his Tsunami which is followed by the final pin.

Result: Bronson Reed's pinfall wins yet another title chance for the NXT North American Championship held by Johnny Gargano.

A new chapter of the InDex saga on NXT

He touches the tag team category again but this time with a real match.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Dain & Maverick vs Imperium; The meeting basically sees Imperium doing what she wants with poor Maverick who must somehow be saved by Dain. The strange couple seems to be able to tip the balance in their favor, until an external agent named Alexander Wolfe intervenes.

The member of the Imperium manages to distract Dain who ends up being thrown against the stake. Back in the ring to Barthel and Aichner, all that remains is to score the Elevated European Uppercut. The referee can only count to 3.

Hartwell was visibly heartbroken as she walked to the ring with The Way for Austin Theory's match against Bronson Reed. She may have been out of it, but her actions were noticeable. This rang especially true when Dexter Lumis himself came out during the match.

After evading him around the ring, Indi Hartwell entered the squared circle when she met eyes with her possible lover. Lumis even saved her from getting clattered by Theory. After the match, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae directed the young star to take out her frustrations on the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions.