*Spoiler* Isaiah Scott has his new stable on NXT

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*Spoiler* Isaiah Scott has his new stable on NXT

In the episode of NXT that aired in the night, there were tons of surprises that kept WWE Universe fans connected from home, glued to the screen, including a change of titles that no one expected. During one of the contests of the WWE yellow show-card, there was also a new addition to the brand, with a stable that made its debut in the ring of the McMahon company, going to support one of the heels of the development roster of the Stamford-based federation, we're talking about Isaiah Scott.

During the episode, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, was expected against Leon Ruff, former North American champion of NXT, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, with fans not expecting the debut of several henchmen, who would go to help the heel of the contest, which in the end happened and which obviously also allowed the victory.

Isaiah Scott has his new stable on NXT

In fact, during the final phase of the match, three new characters appeared in the eyes of the fans, namely AJ Francis, Briana Brandy and Ashante Thee Adonis, all three members of the last class of purchases of the WWE yellow roster.

Francis was the one who got the most "dirty" hands with Scott's opponent, sending Leon Ruff several times against the CWC hurdles, causing him considerable damage. Francis is known for serving in the NFL, before being signed to the WWE in the 2019 class of hires for NXT.

At the moment, WWE seems to have also included the former football athlete in Isaiah Scott's stable, who can surely sleep soundly, with his new on-screen henchmen. We will see how far the former Killshot of Lucha Underground can go and above all if thanks to his new and trusted friends, the black athlete of NXT will be able to bring some important NXT titles to his wall, since so far he has won and convinced very few fans from all over the world, including executives.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott took his time taking his jacket off, and when the ref rang the bell, suckered Leon Ruff in. As the former NXT North American Champion ran in, Swerve rocked him with a knee to the jaw. Ruff's Crucifix Bomb failed, and Swerve rocked him with a big boot to the face.

A counter to the JML Cutter saw Ruff send Swerve to the floor, but Scott responded with a fireman's carry into the apron. After driving his face into the steel ramp, Swerve brought Ruff in the ring. At the top, a sky-high superplex took Ruff across the ring and in total agony. Still, Ruff refused to quit in this NXT opener.