*Spoiler* Breezango enjoyed their best performance in a while

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*Spoiler* Breezango enjoyed their best performance in a while

Contrary to what many expected, Theory doesn't just play the role of the sacrificial victim. In fact, we see the godson of the house Gargano/LeRae put his opponent in serious difficulty even going close to the pin. Theory tries to push by scoring a fall-away slam and then wasting time basking with NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano present at ringside.

He is not very smart because it allows Karrion to re-establish ideas and catch him by surprise with 2 Saito Suplex, followed by the running elbow back smash. Not satisfied, the champion begins to hit the poor Theory repeatedly with an elbow in the back of the neck and then imprison him in the Kross Jacket.

The referee immediately declares the end of the contest by submission. Result: victory by submission of NXT Champion Karrion Kross. After the match, Finn Balor interrupted Karrion's celebrations, who officially asks the champion for a re-match for the title.

Challenge that is readily accepted. Let's now pass to a march that involves the current champions of the tag team category. This point is more of a general observation than specific to this week's NXT. Breezango enjoyed their best performance in a while tonight, putting over MSK in the process.

The match was a bunch of fun, with the referee randomly joining in the action at one point.

Breezango enjoyed their best performance in a while

TAG TEAM MATCH: MSK vs Breezango; We are witnessing a very pleasant match with the Breezango which put the champions in serious difficulty.

In fact, we see Fandango attempting the pin after a falcon arrow, but without obtaining the desired result. Wae Lee finally manages to take over. The same thing happens in the Brezzango with the legal man who is now Tyler Breeze.

The dispute now moves in favor of the MSK who are both concentrating on the new entry, while Dango is busy at ringside to catch his breath, even going close to the pin. The Breezangos try in every way to contain the arrogance of their opponents.

However, attempts prove to be in vain as the MSK manages to score their finisher, which consists of a combination of Carter's spinebuster and a blockbuster by Lee about poor Breeze. The referee then begins the count that comes inexorably up to 3.

Result: NXT Tag Team Champions MSK pinfall victory. Surely, the black and gold brand could have booked them better, even if it meant one or two wins in the past few months. Breezango is a talented duo and can be so much more than they are on NXT. Perhaps it's time for them to go back to RAW or SmackDown.