*Spoiler* Raquel Gonzalez retained her NXT Women's Championship

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*Spoiler* Raquel Gonzalez retained her NXT Women's Championship
*Spoiler* Raquel Gonzalez retained her NXT Women's Championship (Provided by Wrestling World)

We are now witnessing a short promo by Pete Dunne who officially challenges NXT Champion Karrion Kross by telling him that sooner or later the title will be his, inviting him several times to prove the opposite. Dunne, however, is attacked from behind by Leon Ruff.

After an initial moment of disorientation, Dunne prepares for the match. SINGLE MATCH: Leon Ruff vs Pete Dunne; The contest is definitely at a high pace thanks to Ruff's athleticism. Rhythms that, however, are dampened by the style of Dunne who tries in every way to weaken his opponent with quite rude maneuvers.

However, the situation changes when Ruff decides to press the accelerator again putting the Bruiserweight in serious difficulty. Ruff also decides to try his hand at a flight from the third rope, landing directly on Dunne's elbow who, without being asked, then decides to imprison his opponent in a variant of the Triangle Choke and then start hitting him with a series of elbows.

The referee then decides to end the match as Ruff no longer responds to his calls. Result: Pete Dunne's technical knockout victory. We have therefore reached the long-awaited title match that sees the current NXT Women’s Champion engaged.

The main attractions on NXT this week were the two title matches, both of which were great. Raquel Gonzalez retained her NXT Women's Championship against Mercedes Martinez, but the show was headlined by the 2-out-of-3 Falls Match between Cruiserweight Champion, Kushida and Santos Escobar.

NXT WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs Martinez We are witnessing a clash between the titans with the two athletes who do not have the slightest intention of yielding to each other.

Raquel Gonzalez retained her NXT Women's Championship

We now find the two at ringside with Martinez who is thrown against the stake and then undergoes a pin attempt that manages to interrupt on the account of 2.

The dispute seems all in favor of Gonzalez who repeatedly seeks the final pin but without succeeding. The champion even tries the One Arm Powerbomb which is however promptly avoided by Martinez who responds with a violent knee to her face followed immediately by a suplex fisherman.

The referee starts the count but does not go beyond the count of 2. Martinez has no intention of letting go of her by starting to hit the champion repeatedly with a series of knees in her face. However, Gonzalez draws the winning card from the top hat, dodging the last knee and scoring a devastating big boot.

Now everything is ready for the One Arm Powerbomb which this time hits the mark. The referee can only count to 3. Result: Raquel Gonzalez's pinfall victory confirms NXT Women’s Champion. We are now catapulted backstage where we see Gargano and Theory being dragged out of the locker room by security members.

When the cameras finally manage to enter the room they find a Bronson Reed lying on the carpet and definitely in pain. After regaining sufficient energy, Reed decides to carry out a promo with which he challenges Johnny Gargano to a titled match within the Steel Cage.

Now let's go back to the ring where the stable led by Isaiah Scott is officially presented to us. The components are presented in turn and we see in the order AJ Francism, which we already had the opportunity to see last week in the match between Scott and Ruff, who declares that in everything he has done he has always defined himself Top Dollar by asserting that it will do it here too and that no one will be able to do the same.

Now it's Ashante Adonis's turn, who we saw fighting some time ago in the NXT rings without leaving great memories and even with this promo he wasn't able to do better. So it's up to Briana Brandy who, showing off all her beauty, she defines herself as the Fab 'of NXT, explaining to everyone that she defines herself like that because she simply is.

Finally, Scott thinks about it and finally communicates the name of the stable which is HIT ROW.

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