*Spoiler* Bobby Fish made his NXT return

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*Spoiler* Bobby Fish made his NXT return

SINGLE MATCH: Kyle O'Reilly vs Oney Lorcan; The match sees both athletes fighting each other and neither of them intends to take a step back. O’Reilly manages to imprison Lorcan in an arm-bar using the ropes. After letting go, to avoid disqualification, he finds himself face to face with Pete Dunne who backs away to avoid contact and give Lorcan a chance to hit the former Undisputed ERA from behind.

Back in the ring, the contest goes back to O’Reilly who scores with a brainbuster followed by the Flying Knee Smash on the back of the neck of the former NXT Tag Team Champion. The referee can therefore only count to 3.

Result: Kyle O'Reilly's pinfall victory. Post-match we witness a full-blown beating by Dunne and Lorcan against O'Reilly which is unexpectedly interrupted by Bobby Fish who sends both assailants out of the ring.

The two then have a brief verbal exchange on what happened recently at the Undisputed ERA, which ends with Bobby Fish peacefully leaving the ring telling O’Reilly that sooner or later they will meet again. So here we are finally at the last match of the evening that sees the NXT Cruiserweight Championship up for grabs.

Bobby Fish returned to NXT

2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH: Kushida (c) vs Santos Escobar; The initial phase of the contest sees a Santon Escobar in full control of the contest so as to get the first point thanks to the Knee Strike and Phantom Driver combo.

This advantage, however, does not last long with the champion who manages to re-establish parity with a devastating Cross Armbreaker from which Santos is unable to free himself and ends up giving up. Let's now see Escobar trying to break the breath of the champion without however obtaining the desired result.

The two now move to the top of the stake with Kushida who manages to drag his opponent to the ground by imprisoning him in the Kimura Lock from which, albeit with difficulty, Escobar manages to free himself by touching the ropes and forcing the champion to let go.

Kushida, however, resumes the maneuver again transforming it into a suplex with which he throws Escobar against the stake. Not satisfied, the champion insists with the same hold and performs a new suplex complete with a bridge, from which Escobar cannot free himself.

The referee then reaches the count of 3, thus delivering the victory to Kushida who gets 2 of the 3 "points" available to end the match. Result: victory for Kushida who still confirms NXT Cruiserweight Champion.