*Spoiler* Zoey Stark and Toni Storm put on another great match

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*Spoiler* Zoey Stark and Toni Storm put on another great match

Needless to say, the two of them give her a good reason considering that they have been promising each other for weeks. We see Zoey Stark flying over the third string taking down Toni Storm with a crossbody. However, the Stark makes a mistake and the Storm takes the opportunity to drag her abruptly from the apron and then hurl her against the steel steps.

Back in the ring, the two begin an exchange of blows which is concluded by the Storm with a German suplex followed by the Storm Zero. The referee begins the count but surprisingly does not go beyond the count of 2.

Zoey Stark and Toni Storm have had one of the best rivalries in WWE NXT

Toni Storm, however, does not give up and scores a maneuver as strange as it is but powerful enough to knock out its opponent.

This time the referee's count reaches 3. Result: Toni Storm's pinfall victory over Zoey Stark. Now we are offered some extra videos in which in one the protagonists are the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions engaged in being pampered in a spa only to discover that dear Indi is actually subject to the care of Dexter Lumis.

In one of the following videos, instead, we are presented with next week’s match that will see NXt Champion Karrion Kross defend the title from Finn Balor’s assault. Let's now move on to the second match of the evening.

SINGLE MATCH: Jake Atlas vs Cameron Grimes; We are witnessing a substantially interesting match that sees Grimes face his opponent with his usual arrogant behavior. In fact, we see Atlas being thrown violently with an Irish whip against the stake.

Atlas tries a reaction and between the two begins an exchange of blows that ends with a violent Irish whip this time of Atlas who violently throws Cameron against the stake. Gradually Cameron brings the contest back to him in his favor, so much so that he is ready for his Running Foot Stomp when the entrance music of Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase suddenly plays in the area.

Needless to say, Cameron gets distracted by giving Atlas the chance to perform the roll-up that gives him victory. Result: Jake Atlas pinned to victory. Post-match we see Grimes reach Ted's limo who, rolling down the window, says "not bad boy, but you're not the Million Dollar Man anyway" and then drives off at full throttle.

The NXT newcomer tried to make a comeback and nearly stole the victory with a series of pinning combinations. Toni Storm responded by hitting Storm Zero but Zoey Stark shocked the NXT Universe by kicking out. The former NXT UK Women’s Champion decided to try something new and delivered a new finisher to take down Stark and pick up the victory. After the match Storm tried to celebrate before the lights went out.