*Spoiler* Legado del Fantasma's the protagonist on NXT

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*Spoiler* Legado del Fantasma's the protagonist on NXT

Now it's the turn of the match that sees part of the Imperium and The Beast of Belfast engaged. SINGLE MATCH: Alexander Wolfe vs Killian Dain; We see a Dain who can do what he wants with poor Wolfe. The member of the Imperium sketches a reaction but is promptly replaced by Dain.

In support of Wolfe Barthel and Aichner arrive who distract Dain by giving Wolfe the opportunity to score with a German suplex. Not happy, Barthel hands Wolfe a chair but is surprised and interrupted by the referee. The 3 have a moment of excitement, leaving time for Dain to recover and launch against Wolfe with his running crossbody.

The referee then begins the count that reaches inexorably up to 3. Result: victory by pinfall of Killian Dain. Post-match we see Barthel and Aichner intent on consoling Wolfe so much so that he is positioned in front of them to perform the classic Imperium pose.

Unfortunately, however, Wolfe does not know that he is turning his back on those who were once friends of him, in fact, Barthel and Aichner launch into the attack, even scoring the Elevated European Uppercut. It is therefore reasonable to think that Wolfe's adventure within the Imperium has in fact come to an end.

Let's now move on to the couple category. Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa weren’t too happy as they too were looking to get their hands on the NXT Tag Team Championships. The hard-hitters were ready to teach Legado del Fantasma a lesson on Tuesday Night.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Ciampa & Thatcher vs Legado Del Fantasma; It goes without saying that this is a highly technical match thanks also to the presence of Ciampa and Thatcher who we see engaged in a double lock.

Legado del Fantasma's the protagonist on NXT

Wild and Mendoza, albeit with difficulty, manage to free themselves from the grip.

Now Ciampa is the legal man of his team with the Legado of the Phantom which, however, does not give him the opportunity to react, even going so far as to attempt the pin with a springboard moonsault accompanied by Wild. Thatcher obviously comes to Ciampa's rescue and is promptly invited to leave the ring by the referee.

The Legado of the Phantom then takes the opportunity to try to score their final move which is however always interrupted by Thatcher who drags Mendoza out of the ring and then is reached with a flight over the third rope by Wild who, in attempting to return to the ring, is shot down by Ciampa with the DDT from the second string.

The referee then begins the count but is interrupted by Mendoza on the second count. Thatcher again lashes out on Mendoza. The referee tries to convince the two to leave the ring without noticing that GYVs have appeared at the ringside performing a variation of the Ticket to Mayhem on Ciampa, throwing him violently against the apron.

The former NXT Champion is then repositioned in the center of the ring giving the opportunity for the Legado del Fantasma to score their final maneuver and take the contest home. Result: victory by pinfall of the Legado Del Fantasma.