*Spoiler* Bronson Reed becomes the new champion

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*Spoiler* Bronson Reed becomes the new champion

It's up to the pink quota again with a match involving one of the most promising athletes of the gold-black brand. SINGLE MATCH: Sarray vs Aliyah; Sarray asks Aliyah to shake her hand but this in response hits her violently.

Sarray is not there and promptly resumes the reins of the match until Kamea meddles her, allowing Aliyah to take a considerable advantage, even trying to pin her. However, Sarray decides that the time has come to step on the accelerator and, after scoring a German suplex, he tries his hand at a dropkick missile followed by a low dropkick on an Aliyah slumped on the first rope.

Not content, Sarray also scores with a variant of the Saito Suplex which is followed by the definitive pinfall. Result: Sarray's pinfall victory. Let's continue now with a match that still sees the tag team category engaged and in particular the on-ring debut of a new stable.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Hit Row vs Nees and Daivari; The dispute has little to say with Top Dolla who basically does what he wants with his opponents, knocking them down both without any problem and then giving the change to Ashante.

Daivari tries to take advantage of it by starting to hit the newcomer who, however, does not take it well. In fact, Adonis after a nice dropkick closes Daivari on the corner starting to hit him repeatedly before being interrupted by Top Dolla who thus avoids the disqualification of his team.

Ashante then scores with a superkick on Neese while Top Dolla lashes out with a splash against poor Daivari and then knocks him down with a neckbreaker driver. The referee then begins the count that comes inexorably up to 3.

Result: Hit Row pin win. So here we are at the last match of the evening which will be the NXT North American Championship being defended inside the Steel Cage. The main event of WWE NXT this week saw 'The Colossal' Bronson Reed take on Johnny Gargano inside a steel cage.

Gargano was confident that he would be able to retain his NXT North American Championship on Tuesday night.

The NXT Superstar worked hard for this moment

STEEL CAGE MATCH: Johnny Gargano (c) vs Bronson Reed; It goes without saying that this is a very intense match that sees both athletes push themselves over the limit.

Let's now see Bronson doing whatever he wants with his opponent, also thanks to the considerable difference in mass. Gargano takes advantage of a blunder by Reed that ends up crashing badly against a wall of the cage. The champion then tries the slingshot spear but remains wedged between the rope and the cage wall, thus giving Reed the chance to score with a violent DDT.

Reed insists on the attack by attempting a suplex from which Gargano manages to free himself and then climb onto the cage and try his hand at a nice moonsault. Gargano now tries to escape from the cage but is promptly blocked by Reed who loads him on his shoulders and then crashes him violently to the mat trying to pin him that does not go beyond the count of 2.

The dispute now moves to the stake from which Reed scores. with a devastating powerbomb and then immediately groped to escape from the cage but was interrupted by both Gargano and Theory outside the ring. Reed manages to get rid of both opponents and then try his hand at a flight from the wall of the cage landing on the back of the poor Gargano who remains helpless in the center of the ring.

Reed then takes the opportunity to launch into his Tsunami. The referee then begins to count and, without Gargano being able to react, he inexorably reaches up to 3. Result: Brons Reed's pinfall victory who finally becomes the new NXT North American Champion.