There have been several WWE NXT releases

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There have been several WWE NXT releases

They seemed to be up in the air for some time and eventually, the much-feared cuts reached NXT as well on May 19, 2021. This was the date designated by the WWE to go and make those important changes to its yellow roster. that fans had been waiting for a month, more or less since Samoa Joe, the IIconics, Mickie James and a dozen other athletes on the main roster had already been released.

Once again, the McMahon scythe has also hit the third yellow brand in a fairly important way, the one still considered "development" of the company, with several wrestlers and even some referees, who would have been included in the list of WWE licensees of the company.

2021, after a terrible year of pandemic from which they had escaped.

There have been several WWE NXT releases

During the evening of yesterday, gradually as always, the news about the releases that the WWE was carrying out, live all over the world, arrived gradually.

The first athlete to be made official as released was Alexander Wolfe, who had just been ousted from the Imperium stable, just a few hours earlier, in the latest weekly episode of NXT. After the name of Wolfe, who was practically the most famous and known to be released, the WWE has instead formalized the dismissals of: Jake Clemons and Drake Wuerts, both referees of NXT, with the former also seen alongside Seth Rollins, in the famous segment in which he was found with a Messiah shirt under his referee shirt.

Then Jessamyn Duke and Vanessa Bourne were also fired, with the former being one of Ronda Rousey's Horsewomen from the world of MMA. Kavita Devi, an Indian wrestler who seemed to be a future big star to be built for the WWE Indian market, which has been growing rapidly in the last period, also arrived shortly after being included in the list of releases.

Skyler Story is another WWE-fired girl who couldn't even make it in time to be used by McMahons for the first time on-screen. She the athlete is Joey Janela's girlfriend of AEW and she apparently she is now free to join him, should she find a deal with the Khan company.

The last on the list to be released by WWE yesterday is the athlete with the statuesque physique, almost like a model, Ezra Judge. This is how the second wave of WWE layoffs seems to end for this 2021, hoping for really terms like this, without the addition of other names during the hours of the night or of the day today.

One release that was not a surprise was that of NXT referee Drake Wuertz, who has been at the center of controversy as of late over. His recent behavior regarding wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic led to him presenting his argument during a Florida Board meeting over Zoom while wearing his NXT polo.