Matt Jackson on If AEW Wrestlers Will Work in China

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Matt Jackson on If AEW Wrestlers Will Work in China

The wrestling industry is dominated by the World Wrestling Entertainment. They have billions of dollars that they can spend making their products better. There isn’t a single indie wrestling promotion that comes even close to beating them these days.

That might change because All Elite Wrestling has joined the scene. It is backed by Tony Khan and led by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. All Elite Wrestling held their launch rally at Jacksonville, and they announced their roster.

They signed Chris Jericho, which is without doubt their best signing yet. Some people believe that AEW will have a big rivalry with WWE. Only time will tell if this is true. Matt Jackson, who is one half of the Young Bucks, talked to Nuclear Convoy about AEW’s partnership with OEW.

OEW is Oriental Entertainment Wrestling. OEW has many of their events in China. So Jackson was asked if we will ever see AEW wrestlers compete in China. AEW has already invaded some of the other indie wrestling events and that helped promote the promotion.

This is what Jackson said about OEW: "That is definitely part of the plan in the foreseeable future. I've already had several members of our roster inquire about doing just that. The plan is to definitely expand into China,” said Jackson.