Justin Gabriel Sign with ROH

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Justin Gabriel Sign with ROH

Casual WWE fans have no idea about just how well indie promotions are doing these days. There are a few independent wrestlers that stay out of the WWE! They simply do not wish to join the largest wrestling promotion of the world as they fear WWE might end up running their character.

In the WWE, wrestlers have little to no creative control. So, WWE fans shouldn’t be surprised to see their favorite wrestlers join other smaller wrestling promotions someday. Justin Gabriel is a former WWE superstar who had an okay run with the company.

He was a good mid-card wrestler and partner with Heath Slater to capture the Tag Team Titles 3 times. Many fans will remember him for his work with Nexus. He was also in the first season of NXT and he took position number 3 in that season.

He is now known as PJ Black! Black left the WWE and joined Global Force Wrestling. He spent time at Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling and NWA as well. This isn’t the first time we will see him wrestle at ROH however.

He has wrestled for the rising promotion in the past as well. His twitter post concerning this matter read, “So I just officially signed with ROH! I start March 16th in Las Vegas. So any promoters running shows before that I could possibly make it!” According to this Tweet, Black will start working for ROH after March 16th.