Court Bauer Shares His Thoughts on the Freelance Market

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Court Bauer Shares His Thoughts on the Freelance Market

Court Bauer is the MLW President, and he spoke about the current free-agent market. As WWE has released a number of wrestlers over the past year, many talented wrestlers are part of the free-agent market. There are a few wrestlers that are still free agents, including Braun Strowman.

MLW is a popular indie promotion, however, they are far behind AEW, WWE and Impact Wrestling. That being said, Court stated that MLW does hire free agents from time to time.

Court Bauer Speaks About Working with AEW and the Free Agent Market

“Well, I always will have 5- 10% of my roster that I will always carve out just for free agents,” Bauer revealed.

“You try them, and you know that maybe there’s no longevity there either because of financial reasons, opportunities for them on the horizon or creative reasons. For me, I’m just like, this thing has about a two to three match kind of relationship in how we build this, and sometimes you go back and you’ll sign those guys, or you’re kind of counting down for that third match to happen, like, okay, thank god, we’re done with that.

“And it allows you to freshen up the card. You don’t know, sometimes guys you get are great. Sometimes guys come in and want to prove that they’re not a**hole, and they do a great job. And other times, wow, that guy’s a**hole.

So you just don’t know what you’re gonna get until you get it, and so having that flexibility for us gives us new fresh matchups. It allows us to shake up the card and usually, they’re coming off of big TV time.

So it allows us to have just something different, a different dynamic to the show”. He then spoke about working with other promotions such as AEW, and the entire process of working with the other promotions. “Well, it is funny, I was looking around, I said to someone in our locker room, you turn right and walk five feet, you have the booker from All Japan Pro Wrestling, Tajiri.

You turn left, go around the corner, there’s the booker for IWA Puerto Rico, Savio Vega and over there sipping a slurpee is Konnan, the AAA booker, and so to have access right there to three different territories and open the door and give our talent opportunity to work over there, bring talent from their companies over to the U.S., that’s that’s kind of my goal,” Court Bauer explained.

“And we’ve had great relationships with different companies, and I think you look at each one and you try to figure out if there’s a good fit if there’s a casual thing you can do and then trying to navigate from a domestic point of view, which is harder.

How does it work because you’re basically inviting tortious interference. You’re saying, come on over, and then it becomes kind of a recruitment process. We basically have some emotion ourselves. So it’s a really delicate thing on the statewide level.

How do you do it? How much trust do you have, and then looking at the track record for other companies, how’s it worked out for them? When they open that door, does it lead to something where the tide rises all ships or is it something where certain ships rise and the people are shipped up to the other ship and then they say, adios”.