Kenny Omega Joins All Elite Wrestling

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Kenny Omega Joins All Elite Wrestling

Most casual fans do not know about the numerous wrestlers that are working with independent promotions. Some of these independent wrestlers are very famous! WWE tries to sign the most famous independent wrestlers every year, but they fail to do so sometimes.

By signing famous indie wrestlers, the WWE attracts their fan bases as well. Of course, many indie wrestlers prefer not to join the WWE for reasons of their own. Most of the time, it is out of fear! Indie wrestlers simply do not want to go to the WWE where they can be mishandled!

One of the most famous independent wrestlers of today is Kenny Omega. He has eluded WWE for years and was, until recently, working for NJPW. After his contract with NJPW was up, Kenny Omega stated that he wants time away from wrestling.

Many of his fans thought that he would finally join the WWE. That never happened! All Elite Wrestling somehow managed to sign Kenny Omega who was previously known as the best free agent of the world. The WWE made a huge offer to Kenny Omega, but he turned it down in favor of AEW!

During the Double or Nothing Ticket Party, Omega admitted that he signed with AEW that morning and he had to go through a number of legal dealings before he could join the new promotion. That was the reason why he didn’t talk about joining the AEW before the ticket party.