Kenny Omega’s Contract is for 4 Years

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Kenny Omega’s Contract is for 4 Years

Only the best professional wrestlers of the world get the best deals from the best promotions of the world. They are usually signed to long term contracts that allow the promotion to make loads of money from the wrestler’s services.

A long term contract can be good for a wrestler’s mental health as well. He/she feels secure about his/her job when working. Of course, a contract can also be terminated, but the likelihood of that is very little unless the wrestler really screws up.

Kenny Omega, until recently was the world’s most sought after free agent. He received a huge offer from the WWE, but turned it down in favor of All Elite Wrestling’s offer. He talked about the details of the contract with Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio.

He stated that his contract with AEW is for 4 years. He also talked about his first contract with NJPW which was for 2 years only and that he was so worried about it at that time. His contract is not an exclusive deal and he can work outside the promotion as well if he so desires.

We may see him perform for the NJPW, ROH or Impact Wrestling as well then. Although we are not sure whether Kenny will perform at the Double or Nothing event or not his addition to AEW is certainly a good one and will attract a lot of fans.