EC3 Talks About The Negatives of Corporate Wrestling

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EC3 Talks About The Negatives of Corporate Wrestling

EC3 is a former WWE professional wrestler. However, before joining the WWE, he was an indie wrestler. He spoke about the negatives of corporate wrestling after the recent ROH releases. ROH plans to reboot in 2022 and that is why they have released most of its current roster stars.

He spoke about the negatives of corporate wrestling on the Control Your Narrative YouTube Page. EC3 joined ROH in October 2020.

EC3 Speaks About How Badly the Corporate Wrestling Culture Can Be Bad For Wrestlers

“You have been lied to your whole life,” EC3 said.

“I have been seeing this from April 2020, but I have known it for so much longer. This lie is so blatant, so vivid, so audacious, it’s in your name; honor. Honor as we’ve been taught is a lie. There is no honor in what we do when we do it for them.

Corporate wrestling, three-letter brands, the divisive, toxic, delusional bubble that is the pro wrestling community. It’s all the same. Here is the bitter pill you must swallow. If you’re a fan, if you’re watching this, if it’s successful to you, you’re the problem.

Now if you competed, if this is a dream, if you’re a performer, then you are just a gear in a machine. You are cattle, you are cannon fodder, you are binary, you are numbers on the spreadsheet. It takes and it takes and it takes and it gives you nothing.

There is no honor in what we do or if we do it for others because our leaders have failed us. The only person that will not fail you is yourself. To my fallen brothers, now is the time to take control. You can not play it safe, you must take the risk, you have to take the chance.

You must jump headfirst into the unknown. I offer you my hand, and if you give your blood, I will give you your freedom. But if you grovel, if you conform, if you lay down now, you will die. You do not get honor in the ring, you only get scars.

A callous body, a callous mind, a callous soul. Honor comes from purpose, honor comes when you choose to control your narrative. You’ve been warned”. Ring of Honor is one of the few indie wrestling promotions that are very popular in the United States.

They are nowhere near in ratings to WWE or AEW at the moment. However, they have produced some amazing wrestlers over the past few years. Some of them even became WWE champions after joining the WWE.